Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that the fight for Jabot will heat up and cause friction for all involved. John Abbott's sons will find they have a lot of opposition as they attempt to put their father's legacy back in the hands of their family. The siblings along with Kyle agreed to work together to oust the current CEO but Phyllis and her daughter have an ace up their sleeves. They may threaten to expose Billy and Summer's one night together in order to hinder the coup to take back the company. Kerry will find herself torn between her love for Jack and her loyalty to her boss and must make a tough decision.

Kerry must choose between Jack and Phyllis

Soap Dirt indicates that the Jabot chemist is going to soon find herself stuck between a rock and a hard place regarding her job. Jack is going to attempt to pressure his lover into taking a stand with him, his son and his brother in a coup to oust Phyllis. Spoilers say that Kerry will be torn and not know who she should support. She eventually must choose whether or not she will stand with her boss or the man she is beginning to love.

Jack has been laying the groundwork for the coup, by sharing with his girlfriend the dastardly deeds that Phyllis has committed. He believes that with her assistance, he and Kyle and Billy can move full steam ahead because he is not aware of an explosive secret that his younger brother is hiding.

Soaps She Knows teases that Summer and her mother may threaten to bring the matter to light in order to stop any takeover attempt from the Abbott's.

Summer and Phyllis may stop Jack and Billy

"The Young and the Restless" has put the one night stand between Summer and her mother's ex on the back burner but Soaps She Knows indicates that it may be used very soon in the fight to control Jabot.

Phyllis and her daughter may use this information to halt any attempt at a coup by the Abbott family. Billy doe not want anyone to know how low he sank after hearing that Phyllis slept with Nick. Victoria would e outraged and he would be in Victor' crosshairs once again.

Spoilers say both Phyllis and her daughter are going to threaten Billy to back off or they will expose his actions to the world.

If Kerry decides not to help Jack then the Abbott's may have no leverage but longtime viewers know they will continue to find ways to regain their family business. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alert and continue to keep up with all the Genoa City happenings each weekday afternoon on CBS at 2:30 PM EST.