When the serial killer storyline is over on "General Hospital," Kevin's friends should be thankful he survived his ordeal. Jordan and Franco may be hailed as heroes, or face the wrath of the town. Liz and Drew might be furious that the man they both love deceived them, even though he was forced to be silent. The police department may not take kindly to the commissioner going rogue, and her job may be in jeopardy Kevin may be in trouble, because he lied that his twin is dead. Dr. Collins could end up shunned. The entire town of Port Charles may turn their backs on him.

Franco and Jordan played a dangerous game

From the beginning, Jordan did not believe that Franco was the killer and devised a plan to get the real murderer to reveal his identity. Unfortunately, she was hit by Drew's vehicle, which left Bobby Frank Baldwin all on his own. As a result, Ryan stabbed him and now the town freak is in the hospital fighting for his life. Curtis and Chase understand why the commissioner did things this way, but others may not agree. Should she wake from the coma and regain her health, instead of being considered a hero, she may find she has no job because she went rogue.

Drew may be a little more forgiving of Franco's deception than Liz, who was frantic with worry and faced the backlash from a number of Port Charles residents.

She also had to deal with the anger and confusion, as well as her son Cameron. Ms. Weber has stood by her man, despite the opinion others have of him, but this time she may just decide that enough is enough. On the other hand, she may continue to support him.

Port Charles may turn their backs on Kevin

On Monday (March 3), just before Luara found a passageway out of the basement at Ferncliff, Kevin tried to tell her the truth.

He wanted her to know that he had been hiding his brother for 25 years and that Ryan did not die in the fire. Mrs. Collins continued talking and never gave her spouse the time he needed. The truth will come out and Port Charles residents might just turn their hatred from Franco to Dr. Collins.

Kevin believing that Ryan could be redeemed is the reason that Kiki and the others are dead.

Dr. Collins kept the psycho killer locked up in Ferncliff under an assumed name and it put the entire town in grave danger when he escaped. Carly is now locked in the trunk of Ryan's vehicle and Ava is about to marry the man who stabbed her daughter to death. Stay tuned to "General Hospital," weekday afternoons on ABC, at 2 PM ET, to find out how all of this plays out.