Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that detective Rosales will find he is no better than the cover-up gang. He is going to keep silent about Mia being the one who hurt Lola because he believes he is about to become a father. Rey has hounded the Newmans for months and now is hiding evidence even though he is an officer of the law. When the truth comes to light, he will be shocked to find out that his wife is not carrying his child. He will also probably be fired from his job at the GCPD. When the smoke clears, he could also end up without Sharon who may get back together with her first love, Nick.

Mia's lies will hurt Rey

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Mia's web of lies will continue and her husband will be the one hurt most of all. Rey decides to hide the fact that his wife almost killed his sister. He went out of his way to expose the truth regarding J.T. and now is obstructing justice and covering up a crime. Lola is fighting for her life and her brother does not want her attacker brought to justice.

Time will not be on Mia's side because at some point she will have to begin going to an OBGYN. An ultrasound will prove she is not expecting a baby and the lack of a baby bump will be most telling. Spoilers don't say how long this charade will go on or to what lengths Mrs. Rosales is willing to go to fool her husband, but should Rey decide to share her bed again she will not be able to continue the lies.

Rey will lose all

Rey's detective skills are not very sharp when it comes to his wife. She cheated on him with his brother and later called out Arturo's name in bed. She is scheming and manipulative and he should not trust anything she says but the faked pregnancy test changed everything. Soap dirt suggests the possibility that Lola may come out of the coma but how will she feel when she finds out that her big brother chose his lying wife over her?

She may wash her hands of them both.

CDL says that in time, Mia's deception will be revealed and Rey will be shocked. He will have lied to protect an unborn child who never was. This will no doubt be the last straw in his marriage and he may turn his wife in. Paul Williams returns on March 25 so perhaps he will be the one to give detective Rosales the boot when the truth comes out. Rey will lose his job, his wife, a child he thought as on the way and probably the respect of Lola and Arturo. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST,