"The Batman" plot's starting to become clearer, thanks in part to leaks. In the upcoming Matt Reeves' film, we've been told that the film is acting as a sort of prequel, focusing on a much younger Bruce Wayne. Now we have a specific timeline and genre for the superhero film expected to be released in 2021.

Discussing Film has reported that "The Batman" will be based on the 90s and is more of a detective driven story." The film will focus on the caped crusader's skills as a detective, and the plot centers around a mystery that Batman will have to solve.

Detective story of 'The Batman' sets itself apart from prior films

If this becomes fact, "The Batman" would definitely set itself apart from prior Batman films, as it shapes Batman as a sleuth with sharp detective skills. Most of the prior Batman films were driven by the character and his crime-fighting moments. Warner Bros. executives approve of Reeves' work so far and agreed to give him a bigger budget, allowing him to add a fair amount of action too.

Storyline details surrounding "The Batman" stem from a series of leaks related to Reeves' "The Batman." Prior leaks have reported that Batman will be facing off against several villains, including the Penguin. The Penguin is rumored to be the main villain.

Warner Bros. has still not filled the role of Batman

Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves still have not said who will be playing the caped crusader. Ben Affleck who was the last actor to portray the caped crusader, previously announced he was hanging up the cape and Reeves did not seem like he was interested in bringing Ben Affleck back.

The studio and Matt Reeves still have not found their new Batman, but with a scheduled release for 2021, a decision is expected to be made in the near future. Since they are going to need a younger caped crusader, it's expected to find young actors to portray James Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth.

Batman performed well on the screen during the '90s.

Tim Burton's popular "Batman," was released in 1989. Many comic book films have found success focusing on other time periods. 20th Century Fox was successful with "X-Men: First Class," which took place in the '60s. Marvel/Disney continues to find success with "Captain Marvel" being set in the '90s. Warner Bros. also earned massive success with "Wonder Woman" and its setting during World War I. And, its sequel "Wonder Woman 1984," is set to take place in the '80s. We will see if Matt Reeves is successful with "The Batman" taking place in the '90s.