"Vanderpump Rules" new season premiered Monday night (December 3) and it highlighted both love and loss through death. Lisa Vanderpump, Lala Kent and Jax Taylor all lost someone special and while it's hard, the show highlighted how they move on and endure despite the pain. The main point of the first episode was to showcase the engagement of Jax and Brittany Cartwright, but even that carried some connections to his loss.

'PumpRules' season touted to be the best season yet

This "Vanderpump Rules" was touted to be the best season yet, with plenty of drama among the Sur employees.

However, nobody really expected Lisa Vanderpump to open up and talk about her brother's death. In fact, she confirmed that Mark Vanderpump died through suicide. Previously, media reports suggested he died from an overdose in his home in England back in April. In the episode, Lisa said that her brother, just 16 months older than her had indeed died from suicide. Devastated, she rushed to the UK to support her nephews and to grieve for her sibling who felt like a "twin."

Lisa noted that all people can do when facing the tragedy of death is to move on and try and do the best they can as "they watch down over us.” Perhaps fans of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" will be a little more understanding after hearing of her grief.

Lately, rumors abound as Lisa failed to make it to some of the shoots for the Bravo show.

Death of Jax Taylor's dad

In the show, while Jax didn't lay bare his soul about the death of his Dad late last year, the fact came to the fore when he went shopping for Brittany's engagement ring. He used part of his money that he inherited from his pa, Ronald Cauchi, to pay for it.

Plus, he talked about how Brittany was totally there for him during his time of grief. He said to Tom Sandoval, "How could I not want to spend the rest of my life with somebody who wants to take care of me like that?”

The death of his Dad devasted Jax who settled down and started being serious about his relationship with Brittany after that.

In fact, a month back, Soap Dirt reported that he was blown away when the "big boss" of the NBC show told him his Dad would be proud of him now.

Lala Kent's loss also brought a touch of sadness

Reality TV's often accused of being scripted, but some things simply cannot be invented. The deaths that touched the lives of the cast became even more real when it came to Lala Kent. Kent Burningham, her dad passed away in April following a stroke. She said to Lisa, “I mean, 27 and I don’t have a dad anymore, it’s a little intense for me...It’s just so sad. You’ve had a loss, Jax, myself.”

So, the "Vanderpump Rules" series began on a rather sad note, despite the fact the there was an engagement and happier times forecast. However, perhaps the three who lost loved ones through death found common ground and while it's hard, at least they have each other. They all understand the pain.