Tuesday (March 19) on "The Bold and the Beautiful," the Forresters and Spencers will remember and send their final farewells to Caroline Spencer (formerly played by Linsey Godfrey). The beloved niece of Dollar Bill Spencer was a devoted mother who wanted to provide a loving and stable environment for her son Douglas. She may have had her not-so-good moments, but her flamboyant character made her loved by many. Caroline Spencer passed away suddenly, due to a blot clot, leaving behind her only son, Douglas.

A New Yorker, Caroline stole the spotlight with her bold and daring personality.

When she came to Los Angeles, she always made reference to her moms back home in New York. A shattered Thomas now has to pick up the pieces, as he worries about his son. So far, Hope Spencer has been bonding with Douglas. Perhaps the writers are attempting to create joy and a happy ending out of tragedy.

Caroline, the niece and cousin

Caroline was close to her uncle and had a special relationship with her cousins, Liam and Wyatt. The brothers felt that it would have been nice to grow up with her when they were younger. There was nothing that Uncle Bill wouldn’t do for Caroline. He treated her like his own daughter and even played dirty to get his way on her behalf.

Caroline, the designer

Caroline’s work earned the respect of her colleagues and peers.

She played an important role in the design team at Forrester Creations, with her unique and elegant sense of style. On March 18, Sally praised her work, while Quinn commented that Caroline always made her with the jewelry line easier.

Caroline, the wife

She was married to Rick Forrester, who, at the time, appeared to be her soul mate.

The couple was a perfect match, but then the marriage got rocky thanks to Ridge. When Caroline betrayed her husband with Ridge, Rick found it very difficult to forgive her and moved on with Maya. Despite her effort to save her marriage, Rick divorced her.

She then married Ridge. Even though they had their fair share of ups and downs, they fought their way through, as a couple.

Caroline had to deal with Ridge’s issue of initially not wanting to or being able to have a child with her thanks to his vasectomy, yet somehow ended up getting pregnant for Thomas after a fight with Ridge. On Monday (March 18), Ridge credited Caroline for "helping him find his way through her hands."

Caroline, the mother

Caroline would do anything for her son, Douglas. She remained quiet when her Uncle Bill told Thomas that she was dying, knowing full well that it was untrue. She wanted Thomas to step up and be there for them as a family. When the truth came out, Thomas chose to be with her and their son.

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