Candace Cameron Bure has been a beloved fixture on family-friendly television since her childhood, like other close friends and co-stars who have been partners in the creation of her TV legacy. Her brother, Kirk, became a teen heartthrob through his role as Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains” for seven seasons, before assuming the mantle of a faith-based activist and father. Bure became the girl everyone wanted to have as a best friend on “Full House,” DJ Tanner.

In a very real sense, Candace Cameron Bure’s real-life reputation is not far from her TV role.

She is kind, affable, and always willing to share feelings with fans, including the concerns that confront every mom. It's no wonder that the star’s social media following remains so loyal. She is willing to talk about everything from converting to using a menstrual cup to her best practices in managing life between work and home.

The Kids’ Choice Awards are famous for blasting their unsuspecting subjects with an unstoppable flow of green slime. The unwitting and irreplaceable honor was saved for Chris Pratt on March 24. Pratt also joked about his "Avengers 4" role. Candace Cameron Bure and her castmates on “Fuller House” weren't the least bit interested in blasting anyone when they accepted their award for Favorite Funny TV show, and that included an old friend, Lori Loughlin, as reported by Good Housekeeping and other sources on March 25.

Those who worked with the television veteran for more than three decades may concede to poor decision-making in light of the college admissions revelations. Candace Cameron Bure made her feelings abundantly clear that blood-relation is not necessary to create a family.

The feelings stand, even off-script

Candace Cameron Bure was radiant and joyful, touching hands of her young fans, along with Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, and more of the “Fuller House” contingent.

Wearing a short, light purple satin gown, the actress stood beside Barber as she greeted the crowd with “Hola kidderinos!” When Barber echoed that “This family has a lot of heart,” Bure took her cue to jump in, saying “Where there's a lot of heart, there's a lot of love.” She never mentioned Loughlin by name, but her designation was clear as she continued, insisting that “a loving family sticks together, no matter what.”

Bure spoke on behalf of personal loyalty instead of just professional connection.

“They support each other, they encourage each other, they pray for each other,” she spoke of genuine friends. She reiterated that loyalty abides “no matter how tough it gets.”

No pages for now

Lori Loughlin has been cut from further involvement with “Fuller House” in its fifth and final season with Netflix. The spinoff series has earned great popular success, so much so that Candace Cameron Bure puzzled over the long-standing comedy being dropped in an interview last fall. As the cast related that close families also celebrate “the good times,” Jodie Sweetin promised that the fifth season would be “amazing.”

Lori Loughlin and Candace Cameron Bure share Hallmark Channel connections, too. Both have vast catalogs of Christmas movie credits with the network.

“Christmas Under Wraps” is just one of the features in constant holiday rotation with Bure. Loughlin was cut from “When Calls the Heart” and all feature developments with the network on the day after her arrest by federal authorities.

Her choices should certainly render consequences, but there should also be room for forgiveness amid her professional downfall. Every person falls prey to poor judgment at some point, and this is a family in crisis. It will likely be some time before any new scripts come to Loughlin. Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart” had already been completed when the ordeal unfolded.