Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Taylor tried to explain to Ridge the connection she witnessed between her grandson and Hope. Bill thanked Katie for being there for him. Wyatt, Sally, Donna, and Justin all agreed that Bill has been a more compassionate man lately. While Ridge tried to console a distraught Taylor, Brooke got an unpleasant homecoming shock.

Taylor shares her view with Ridge

“Douglas needs a mother, and Hope desperately needs a child,” Taylor said to Ridge at Brooke's house. Ridge then explained to her that Hope still has a life with Liam, but she then went on to question how long.

She brought up the fact that Liam and Steffy would have still been together if only Bill hadn’t interfered, and she felt that they should be raising their children together under the same roof. She also predicted that when Steffy and the girls return from Paris, that Liam would go running back to them. Does Taylor know something that we don’t?

Ridge wondered how Taylor can’t see that Hope doesn’t want to end her marriage with Liam. She advocated for Douglas being the child that Hope needs and for Steffy and Liam to get back together. Ridge pleaded with her to let it go. As he embraced Taylor to comfort her, Brooke opens the door and was just in time to see Taylor kissing him as she said, “I miss what we had… I’ve never stopped loving you, Ridge”

When Ridge left the room, Brooke went in to talk to her.

She empathized with her and expressed her condolences for her loss, and even thanked her for being there for Ridge. Then, she quickly told her that it was unacceptable to witness her kissing her husband in her living room. “Any inappropriate behavior with my husband - my husband - is going to be dealt with, swiftly and forcefully,” she warned.

She then demanded that Taylor tell her that she understands.

Bill confides in Katie

At Spencer Publications, Bill shared a private moment with Katie. He seemed unsure and regretful about how he had been handling things. “Well for what it’s worth I think you’re doing a terrific job at leading the Spencer family during this difficult time.” Katie told him.

Bill regretted deeply the mistakes that he had made with his niece. As they further discuss Bill’s new ways and attitude, Katie revealed to him that he’s making her remember the man she fell in love with.

Bill labeled Katie a “true Spencer”, as she continued to prove her loyalty and support to the family. He then took her hand, looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Thank you for being there for me, Katie. It means more than you know.”

A new family in the making?

Over at Hope’s house, Thomas joined Hope where they laugh and chat with Douglas. Could this be a new family in the making? Douglas had a wonderful time together with Hope and looks forward to spending more time with her.

Does Taylor’s logic make sense?

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