Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Caroline’s death brings the families together. Maya Avant was also at the family mansion, where she expressed her condolences to Thomas and remembered Caroline’s heartfelt apology and the lesson she learned about forgiveness. She told Thomas that she's love for Douglas and Lizzy to be close friends. It was a somber day especially for Bill Spencer. The Spencer brothers admired her for her determination and willpower to get whatever she wanted. Meanwhile, Thomas dropped a bomb on his parents about his relationship with the deceased.

Ridge checks in with Taylor

Taylor still feels strongly about Steffy going to Paris and is happy that her trip is postponed so that she can provide her support to her brother, Thomas. As she gets visibly upset, Ridge checks up on her to see if she is alright. She lamented that Brooke should have taken the time to get there to show her support. She feels heartbroken about losing Caroline yet was grateful to her for giving her a beloved grandson.

Bill Spencer vows to do what is best for Douglas

Over at Spencer Publications, Bill, Katie, Liam, Wyatt, Sally, and Justin continued to talk about Caroline and how much they admired her. Bill was definitely about upset about losing his niece and said that she was the daughter he never had.

Thinking about his great-nephew, he vowed to do what is best for him. "I can't believe she's gone... I can still hear her laugh," said Wyatt. Sally described her as an inspiration, while Liam said that she was the first to admit that she wasn't perfect, but was always real and honest about her feelings.

Hope volunteers to look after Douglas

As everyone leaves the Forrester mansion, Hope approaches Thomas and Douglas to ask if he'd like to go over with her to her house. Douglas was excited to go and spend time with her. Over there, they played cards and had snacks, which was a great distraction for the young boy. Yesterday, Hope had an immediate connection with Douglas, with her kindness and attention when she tried to explain to him where his mom was.

Thomas reveals that he and Caroline weren’t a couple

When Thomas was alone with his parents, he reveals to them that he and Caroline weren’t a couple. Like everyone else, they assumed that they were together, but Thomas stated that he was only in NYC to help her to raise Douglas and be there for them. Has Thomas been single all this time? It would be interesting now to see who the writers pair him up with during his time of grief and loss.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.