Monday (March 18) on "The Bold and the Beautiful," the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers remembered Caroline Spencer as they mourned her sudden death. Thomas (now played by Matthew Atkinson), along with his young son Douglas, was back at the family mansion, where they all gathered. They reminisced about the good times with Caroline, while Sally and Quinn applauded her work. Ridge credited her for helping him find his way through her hands.

Hope immediately connects with Douglas

Hope seems to already be drawn to Douglas. She insisted to Thomas that it would be no trouble to make mac and cheese with him in the kitchen, which would give the adults a chance to talk better.

In the kitchen, she explained that her daughter is in heaven, just like his mom. She shared a loving and special moment with the boy, who believes that his mom is coming back.

Sally apologizes to Thomas

Sally apologized to Thomas about how their relationship ended, in the presence of her new flame, Wyatt, and reassured him that he made the right decision. A doubtful Thomas wasn’t sure if Douglas would remember the good times he had with his mom and together as a family. Sally suggested that he help him remember with stories and photos of Caroline.

Thomas is comforted by his family

Thomas is heartbroken, yet thankful that Caroline did not die in Douglas’ presence. He explained to the family about the situation with her blot clot, which was the cause of her death.

Taylor, Steffy, and Ridge shared the same sentiments as they all banded together to help him get through this difficult time. He’s afraid that Douglas is all alone.

“You’ll never have to worry about him feeling alone, he’s a Spencer and Forrester…he’ll have more support than he knows what to do with,” said Steffy. “Good, I think he’ll need it,” Thomas replied.

Taylor tries to influence Steffy’s decision

Steffy’s flight to Paris is tomorrow and she contemplated staying in Los Angeles to be there for her brother. As she discussed the matter with her mother, Taylor took the opportunity to remind her that life is short, and she should reconsider Hope’s offer to get Liam back.

What are your views on what went down in today's episode?

Do you think that Steffy should take Taylor's advice? Should Thomas be concerned about Hope connecting with his son Douglas?

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