Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that the drama surrounding the cover-up crew is finally coming towards its climax. All the action takes place at the Abbott cabin when J.T, shows up for revenge. Victoria will panic when she sees her ex looking through a window. Mr. Helstrom will terrorize the women which will no doubt cause them to relive the night they believed he died. Victor will suspect that something is wrong and he will show up just in the nick of time to save his loved ones and settle a score with his enemy. The excitement begins Wednesday but will not continue until next week as the CBS daytime drama will be preempted.

J.T. frightens Victoria

Soap Dirt says the women at the Abbott Cabin will get the fright of their lives when they come face to face with the man who has caused all their recent problems. Victoria is going to look out the window into the face of her dastardly ex-husband who at first will not be recognized as he will be dressed as a police officer. Once he and his former wife are eyeballs to eyeball, there will be no denying that J.T.e is indeed alive and well and just a dangerous as ever.

Spoilers say Nick and Billy find a listening device that J.T. left at Vicky's house and they decide to use it to their advantage. They believe they are tricking their enemy by saying that they are stashing Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon at the Dark Horse warehouse.

Somehow Mr. Helstrom outsmarts them and ends up right where the women are, and the madman takes everyone by surprise.

Victor saves Victoria, Nikki, and Sharon

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that things will become quite chaotic for the cover-up crew and that Victor will get a feeling something is not quite right. The Newman patriarch will decide to go to the Abbott cabin and see what is happening for himself.

Spoilers don't give details, but they do say that it will be Victor who rescues Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria from the man they buried and left for dead.

Viewers will be glad that this long and drawn out storyline is finally coming to a close, but must still be a little patient. The NCAA Basketball Tournament will be on CBS Thursday and Friday, so "The Young and the Restless" will not resume until Monday.

Spoilers don't say whether or not J.T. will be captured alive or if he really will die this time, so stay tuned. Be sure to watch every exciting episode next week to see the conclusion of what happens to Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria.