Hope Spencer has been through a lot lately. The loss of her child has caused her great anguish and despair, so much so that she has been latching on to ‘Phoebe,’ which ironically, is he supposedly deceased child. It’s also ironic how Hope’s life seems to be synonymous with despair and pain, with other people in her vicinity making decisions that affect her in almost always a negative way.

Thomas is back with Douglas

Yesterday on the show, we saw a grieving Thomas being comforted and consoled by his family and friends. Caroline Spencer, the mother of his child, has died due to a blood clot.

He is in shock by the sudden news and is worried about Douglas' welfare. The Forresters and Spencers banded together to show him their love and support. Douglas has grown very much since the last time we saw him, and he doesn’t seem to understand yet that his mom isn’t coming back.

Hope's connection with Douglas

Hope’s face lit up when talking and interacting with Thomas’ son, Douglas. The child seemed to enjoy his time with her as well, as they discussed his mother being in heaven together with her baby Beth. Taylor got to see for herself how Hope automatically cared for him when she promised him that she'd be there for him.

The good, the bad and the ugly

We wonder where "The Bold and the Beautiful" writers are going with this story-line.

Has Douglas found his new mom? Would it then mean that Hope and Thomas would form a bond and perhaps a romantic connection so that they can form a big happy family? Where does this leave Liam? Is Douglas’ return to Los Angeles the final nail in the coffin, that is, Hope and Liam’s marriage? Douglas might be good for Hope's mental health and give her some sort of peace.

With Steffy insisting that she must go to Paris on business and to give Hope and Liam the time and space to work on their marriage, Beth won’t be reuniting with her real parents anytime soon.

What about Liam? Will he continue to stick by Hope’s side, or will he miss Steffy and the girls too much and decide that he wants them back?

Only time will tell.

As for Hope, Thomas may mirror the same feelings that Steffy had about Hope hovering over her new baby. Or perhaps, he will appreciate her attention towards Douglas. It’s a huge mix-up of DNA and offspring, but one thing is for sure, and it’s the fact that there is a huge division between fans who are demanding that Hope get her baby Beth back and those who believe that it’s all about karma.

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