"Sister Wives" fans know from the current season of the TLC show that the Brown family relocated to Flagstaff. Meri Brown seemed unhappy with the property the other wives settled on. Nevertheless, she moved there from Las Vegas, as we know from her Instagram posts. For a while, fans wondered if she left the family and stayed in Vegas. However, Meri confirmed those were just rumors. Now, she's in Las Vegas catching up with friends and looks clearly happy to be back in her old town.

Fans of 'Sister Wives' felt Robyn wanted Flagstaff

On Twitter and Instagram, many fans felt the move to Flagstaff may center around Robyn's desires.

TV Shows Ace noted some family of Robyn live in the Flagstaff area. Nevertheless, this made no difference at the end of the day as they moved there anyway. So far, Meri's Instagram posts show she likes Flagstaff. Actually, she fell in love with the deer and the pretty snow in the area.

However, for any family, moving's hard, and leaving old friends behind may be difficult. Bear in mind too, that her daughter, Mariah Brown moved to Chicago, so that means lots of distance. Mind you, Meri's life seems divided between Parowan Utah, the location of her new Lizzies Heritage Inn, and Flagstaff.

Meri Brown in Las Vegas catching up with friends

Last weekend, Meri posted up how she spent March 8, International Women's Day at her BnB.

As it's only about a three-hour drive to Las Vegas, maybe Meri decided to head on down there to enjoy herself a bit. In an Instagram post Saturday night, Meri shared a photo of her with a friend. Clearly, sister wife Meri's very happy to be back in her old town, even for a short while.

Happily, she captioned the image with, "So glad I got to spend a couple hours today with one of my favorite people.

Happy birthday my friend! And then, of course, I had to hit some bright light shopping in the city I love. Nothing beats winter time in #VegasBaby !! (PS yes I know it's March lol!)."

Fans react to 'Sister Wives' Meri looking so happy

Loyal "Sister Wives" fans love that Meri managed to raise the funding for her own BnB, and does well with her Lularoe clothing sales.

It gives her some independence that they feel she needed so badly. In fact, one of the hashtags Meri used in this Las Vegas post was #IndependentWoman.

Fans reacted to Meri, and here are some comments:

  • "Vegas is so fun. Y'all look so happy."
  • "You look so happy! Good for you!!!!"
  • "So beautiful!! Meri your eyes are so beautiful they are glowing in this pic."
  • "I love your beautiful eyes. So glad to see you smile. Makes your eyes dance."

What do you think about Meri Brown looking so happy as she catches up with friends in Las Vegas? Do you think she may end up leaving Flagstaff? Sound off your thought in the comments.

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