"Sister Wives" fans heard that Kody Brown's daughter Mariah popped the question to her girlfriend Audrey Kriss last week. Kody Brown came over as thrilled by the whole thing on his Twitter. However, in March last year, when he told followers that he was not making an announcement, he did offer to officiate at Mariah's wedding, if it ever happened. Now the announcement's out, there's no official word on whether he will, but Audrey Kriss liked the idea.

Coming out was not easy for Mariah Brown on 'Sister Wives'

TLC showed the "Sister Wives" clip of Mariah telling Kody and her mom Meri about being gay.

Back then, Meri felt bad, as if she had been a bad mom by not being close enough to her daughter pick up on it. In fact, Neither parent looked amazingly happy for Mariah at the time. Kody went on about despite the fact they are polygamous, they are a "very traditional family." He added that he acknowledged that Mariah had "guts" to just say how she's "actually feeling" about being gay, However, he certainly was not doing a happy dance about it.

Obviously, Kody Brown gave it all a lot of thought, as he later went to Twitter to say that Audrey "is a lovely individual." From Meri's perspective, she spent time with Audrey and Mariah in Chicago last year, and the fences may be mended a bit more than we see in the current "Sister Wives" show.

Radar Online remind us how, at the time of the announcement, “No one knew what Mariah’s big announcement was going to be when this was filmed. Robyn, Christine, Janelle, and Kody were all also genuinely blindsided by the news."

Kody Brown and officiating at the wedding, Audrey Kriss

Several news sites, including Radar and InTouch Weekly, recalled the original tweet by Kody, where it appeared he seems at peace with the idea.

On his official Twitter account, he wrote, "@ohheyitsaudrey is a lovely individual. If Audrey and @mariahlian wanted me to perform their marriage, I would be honoured. #sisterwives." No reaction came on that Twitter thread from his daughter Mariah, but his wife Meri 'liked' the comment. However, Audrey Kriss did comment on it.

Audrey, obviously quite pleased about Kody officiating, or at least publically being nice, responded. In her reply, she said, "Kody, this truly means so much. Thank you for all your support and love always. It means the world to Mariah and I." Kody took to his Twitter yet again, after the proposal announcement and this time he wrote, "Congratulations to my two sweeties @mariahlian & @ohheyitsaudrey for their engagement. Another wedding in the works. #LoveIsLove #SisterWives."

Fans react to Kody Brown on Twitter

In his latest post, fans reacted to Kody Brown quite well.

As usual, there were critics, but many people felt he demonstrated a good attitude. Here's what some of them had to say:

  • Clementine: "You sir have shown the world what it means to be a true Christian. May your daughter and future daughter in law be blessed."
  • Vee: "Love you Cody (sic) You show the love of God. I’ve watched your show and admire you as a man and father. Blessings to you all."
  • Amy: "THIS is the best thing to happen to your family. #sharegoodness. So so SOOOOOWAH happy for this!"

What do you think about Kody Brown wanting to officiate at Mariah and Audrey Kriss' wedding? Do you think it could be the basis for another season of "Sister Wives?" Sound off in the comments below.

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