"LPBW" fans followed the Roloff family for years now, but when Matt spoke to Alec Lace on his "First Class Fatherhood" podcast, he revealed a few things you may not recall. Ahead of the new season, which is rumored may be the last, fans heard a few things they may have missed from the TLC show. One that stands out is that he started his adult life as a computer programmer. Did you recall that? These days we think of him as a pumpkin farmer.

'First Class Fatherhood's' where Alec Lace wants to learn how to be a great father

In his introduction, Alec Lace explained that he's talking to some excellent people, and why he wanted to chat with Matt Roloff is because he himself is not into outdoorsy things.

However, he wants to do all those types of things like fishing and camping. Of course, with Matt raising three sons and a daughter while managing the Roloff Farms and working on the TLC show, "LPBW," Alec hoped to garner a few tips on parenting. Well, he got plenty of those from Matt, but we also got some reminders from Matt about his life's journey.

Right from the start, Matt jogged our memories. For example, if you didn't know it, Matt played sport at school but preferred wrestling to soccer. Fans of the show know his boys, especially Zach, enjoy soccer. In fact, even his grandson Jackson's learning soccer and Zach represented North America in the COPA Dwarf World Cup. However, Matt never stood in the way of his son's who didn't want to follow him into wrestling.

Did you know the 'LPBW' patriarch started out as a computer programmer?

All "Little People, Big World" fans know that Matt's a pumpkin farmer. Many fans of the TLC show try and make it to the Pumpkin Season in October every year. However, after doing programming, he got into selling computers and got some deals with larger companies.

Actually, Matt said some of these sales were to countries all over the world. Then of course, as we know, he finally got into pumpkin farming, and as we know, into the TLC "LPBW" show.

Did you know that apart from the show and pumpkin farming, Matt also has a few businesses that supply goods to local grocery stores? Plus of course, we mostly know about his book that he wrote for children.

Other than that, Matt reminded fans that he got married aged 24. He said he was about 25 when the twin boys, (Jeremy and Zach) were born. Matt said that brought a radical change to his life, as his career no longer stayed his main focus.

Other points you may not know or recall about 'LPBW's' Matt Roloff

Many people may not know all that much about the early years of the Roloff family. "Little People, Big World" premiered on March 4, 2006. That's 13 years ago now, so no wonder some fans of "LPBW" may not know some of this stuff. Here are some other things that Matt mentioned that may complete the puzzle or jog your memory:

  • Because Matt was limited in what he could do with boys, given his crutches, he started out building treehouses and structures for them to play on.
  • It was Matt being forced to be creative for the kids that "caught the attention" of the producers to start "Little People, Big World."
  • The pirate ship built by a "guy that can hardly walk," was tv-worthy, they felt.
  • As time went by, Matt says he was sometimes mortified at the way they handled some situations. He says the old episodes never really changed him but he watches them as they bring an opportunity for "self-reflection."
  • The Roloff family have something they term the "one percent" factor. Those are the social media trolls and haters. The majority of their followers are really nice people.

'LPBW' challenges of disciplining famous kids

Matt also talked about raising the children who quickly became well-liked and quite famous.

He said that disciplining the children, under those circumstances, was extremely challenging. The producers did sometimes get the kids to do the wrong thing to get an idea of how Matt would deal with it. Just small things, like putting the dinner plate in the wrong place, or kicking him on the shin are two examples he gave. That made it hard for Matt to know if the kid was "doing a wink-wink for one of the producers, or if he was really being defiant."

What do you think about Matt Roloff's talk with Alec Lace on "First Class Fatherhood?" Did you know everything that he dished on his life?

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