"The Young and the Restless" spoilers say that two important characters will be leaving Genoa City in the upcoming episodes. These departures are linked to the storyline of Arturo and Mia. As we know, Arturo ruined his relationship whit Abby: he betrayed her with Mia. On the other hand, Mia is anxious because of the secret about her pregnancy risks discovery.

After Arturo's confession, they could soon leave the city. Mia wants to leave everything behind, and Rey Rosales has lost Abby's love and trust. According to ''Y&R'' spoilers, Ashley will likely return to Genoa City, while Kevin's return is still uncertain.

Soap opera fans are waiting for Arturo to tell Abby that he is Mia’s baby’s father: this will be a very embarrassing and strong moment. Unexpectedly, Rey will stay in town, despite losing his job. The detective will fall in love with a Rosales woman.

The Young and the Restless: Rey Rosales and Sharon in love

Soap Opera Spy reveals that Rey will approach Sharon. Plot twist: Rey Rosales would eventually propose to Sharon. If Sharon accepts the marriage proposal, the storyline will surely change its course. Rey and Sharon could then become a proper couple in the soap or, instead, leave Genoa City together; surely, further details will emerge below.

The Y&R spoilers for the next week, also say that Lola wakes up after a liver transplant and discovers the dramatic truth: Summer is a coma.

Doctors won't give much hope. However, Kyle and Abbott are the ones who made all possible efforts to save Summer’s life.

Y&R spoilers: Abby's choice, Paul's return to Genoa City

Moreover, Paul's return will be very important for "The Young and Restless" sequel. The controversial policeman will make a shocking revelation about the complicated affair where J.T.

is involved. The characters who will be implicated will be Victor and Victoria Rosales. What's this about? Other Y&R spoilers ensure that there will be a big surprise.

Paul's news could cause disarray in Billy and Victoria's new sweet relationship. On the other hand, Devon, is ready to reconnect with his loved ones: will be able to achieve his purpose?

New spoilers reveal also that Abby will put aside her anger towards Rey Rosales, and gives her support. As a result, the cop may decide to stay in the city.

For all the other news on the soap on air on CBC, we just have to wait for the next spoilers of The ''Young and The Restless''.