Singer Barbra Streisand offered an apology on March 23 for “any pain,” as well as “misunderstanding,” as a result of her word-choice when speaking to “The Times of London” about James Safechuck and Wade Robson who asserted in the documentary “Leaving Neverland” that Michael Jackson molested them. The interview with Streisand, which was published on March 22, ignited a firestorm of anger conveyed on Twitter and on Instagram.

Comments on Instagram deactivated

Streisand’s apology has garnered more than 8,000 likes on Twitter, with her account racking up over 7,000 comments, so far.

Additionally, more than 27,000 Instagram users “Like” her apology post. While comments are still accessible on her Twitter account, the same cannot be said of her Instagram account. Comments have been deactivated.

Interview did not accurately ‘reflect’ singer’s ‘true feelings’

She stated in her apology that the words in the interview are not an accurate reflection of her “true feelings,” Vanity Fair reported. In speaking of Safechuck and Robson, she is attributed with stating that since both men married and “have children,” their alleged molestation by Jackson did not “kill them,” according to the New York Times.

Fallout temporarily takes focus off college admissions scandal

Possibly, the only people who might take comfort in the fallout from the interview with Streisand are the Celebrities accused in the college admissions scandal. Intense scrutiny of their words was temporarily trumped by news of Streisand’s controversial comments.

Outrage is cross-platform on social networks

Twitter critics are comparable to people on Instagram who were incensed by Streisand’s comments and now find her apology disingenuous – an effect of the public’s reaction to her interview. The New York Times noted that the hashtag “#CancelBarbraStreisand was trending on Twitter.”

Before comments were deactivated on her Instagram account, platform user @baby_bayli wrote, “I am profoundly disappointed in your comment and you shall be forgotten!” Another user with the handle dorasaucilloganem noted, “It is incredible that there are so many people who do not ‘want’ to see the obvious, Michael Jackson is a pedophile.”

The comments were plentiful and included @marybethbagin, who stated that “you can’t put toothpaste back in the tube, you can’t back your words.

Good example of how you need to think before talking.”

Broad mix of responses to controversy, marking strong opinions

Many comments also conveyed support for Streisand, while others defended Jackson. Some people also thanked her for relaying an apology. Similar responses are also on her Twitter account. An aspect that is certain is that people have strong opinions about child molestation and accusations of abuse of children and teens, is a topic that people are not willing to minimize or dismiss.

People tweeting their truths

In addition to anger conveyed in the social media fray, there is also heartache and empathy being relayed for adult survivors of molestation, who are tweeting their truths.

A person would be hard-pressed to see the information being shared and not feel or believe that the trauma of victimization has lasting effects.

Additionally, there is a lot of valuable information that people are tweeting. Twitter user Nutbar77 stated to Streisand, “You said ‘it didn’t kill them’ but if you understood trauma you would know that a part of you dies after a traumatic event and it is a fight each and every day to find a way to see the light through all the darkness and sadly some people never see that light.”

Barbra Streisand feels ‘deep remorse’

Donna Cunningham commented, “There are lots of ways to be killed. The death of a child’s sense of safety and trust are examples. They never come back.

Ever.” Along with the powerful thoughts social media users have shared, Streisand closed her apology by stating, “I feel deep remorse,” adding that she hopes “James and Wade know” that she respects and admires them for speaking their truth.” It is, after all, their opinions that really count most right now.

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