Song Joong Ki - Song Hye Kyo was in the news for the past couple of months for a very sad reason. The reports regarding the couple's separation are continuously floating on social media. The divorce reports first came from Chinese media. The Chinese websites said that one night, the "Descendant of the Sun" actress deleted dozens of photos on Instagram. She is no longer posting photos of her husband, Econotimes reported on March 22. Many netizens question Song Hye Kyo's marriage on their personal page. However, instead of answering, the actress locked the comments and deleted photos.

Divorce speculation

Chinese media spread rumors of the Song- Song Couple divorce after Song Hye Kyo appeared at the airport without her wedding ring. Sina strengthened there report by linking it to the actions of Kyo, who recently deleted some of her photos with Song Joong Ki on Instagram.

China's Weibo network believes that this is evidence that Kyo is really tired of her life. The story becomes more tumultuous when Kyo and Joong Ki were seen without wearing wedding rings. However, the couple has said that it is normal to not wear a wedding ring, in their type of work. On the afternoon of February 26, some Chinese websites continued to report that Song Hye Kyo wants to divorce her husband. The news put internet on fire as the fans of both the stars started getting anxious about the couple's relationship.

Photoshopped pic of the couple

IN an opposite stance to the cracked marriage rumors, the representatives of both artists denied it. Meanwhile, QQ page - one of the big Chinese media outlets recently published a Song Joong Ki photo with his wife Kyo. In the photo, the couple stood side by side very lovingly, partly appeasing the impatience of the fans.

Nevertheless, QQ also pointed out that this is an old photo of the couple.

Many fans protested and said that this image was actually taken from Song Joong Ki's fandom account. Obviously, QQ was mistaken in reporting on the Instagram accounts, leading to misunderstandings by many fans. In addition, netizens also point out that this is actually a collage.

The original image has an additional male character in the middle. The image was photoshopped and cut out the central character so that the couple can be seen "standing side by side." Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo's tied their faithful pledge on October 31, 2017, in South Korea. At that time they held a closed ceremony in a traditional Korean garden at The Shilla Hotel, Seoul. Notably, the couple don't have any children.