"General Hospital," spoiler alerts say that Kristina will soon be way over her head in trouble related to Dawn of Day. The cult leader has promised Sonny's oldest daughter that she can become a part of his inner circle, once she reveals a secret no one else knows. Krissy's association with this group has already cost her Valerie who used to be her best friend. Sam and Jason are having difficulties in agreeing on the best way to take Shiloh down while Molly is so outraged, she actually told her sister that she has been brainwashed. Now the guru will get his newest recruit to reveal something that may have extreme consequences for Alexis.

Shiloh gets Kristina to commit

Soap Dirt says that the truth about Nina's daughter will be the big reveal this week but Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates another storyline will be front and center. It seems Kristina will get in too deep with Shiloh and cause problems for everyone that loves her. Last week, Jason saw the cult leader talking to Danny and previews for Monday have him telling the guru to stay away from his son. Earlier CDL spoilers teased that Stone Cold will fight Shiloh and get thrown in jail and Sam must pretend to be on the side of the founder of Dawn of Day.

In the midst of all this chaos, Shiloh has convinced Kristina that she is special enough to commit to his inner circle but there is one catch.

She must reveal to him a deep dark secret to prove her trust, and she is under his spell enough to do it. CDL indicates that she will probably tell him something about Alexis that no one has ever heard. The "GH" viewing audience, as well as all of Port Charles, knows that Ms. David murdered her stepmother. If what comes to light is indeed related to Alexis it probably has something to do with that clock that has been stuck at the same time of day.

Kristina pushes everyone away for Dawn of Day

In addition to the issues that Sam and Jason are having trying to protect Kristina, her best friend Valerie walked away and Molly is absolutely stunned her sister cannot see she is in a cult. Alexis and Sonny are concerned but are not aware of how dangerous the situation with Dawn of Day is becoming.

Shiloh revealed his true colors last week when he intimidated a frightened Willow.

Now spoilers say Shiloh will gain leverage by getting Krissy to reveal something that he can use against her at the right time. If the secret is not about Alexis it may be related to Sonny which would basically lead to the cult leader being a dead man. He's already in Jason's crosshairs because of Sam and Danny so his days in Port Charles are numbered. Be on the lookout for updated "General Hospital" spoilers to reveal the conclusion of this intriguing storyline.