Bees are necessary to maintain a healthy Environment and 81-year-old Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman has converted his ranch into a sanctuary for them. His mission is to undertake work that will, in due course of time, help to arrest the decline in population of these insects. The actor owns a 124-acre ranch in Mississippi and has modified it to accommodate them. He has created a safe haven for the insects by bringing in additional beehives from Arkansas. He has also planted bee-friendly trees like magnolia and lavender to attract them to his sanctuary.

Daily Mail UK reports about Morgan Freeman’s foray into this area. It seems he began his journey as a beekeeper in 2014. His interest is to provide a setting for the bees that will help them to breed because they are vital for the wellbeing of the environment. His work is to feed the bees with sugar and water.

He treats the bees with care

Bees are an integral part of our lives and the environment. However, pesticides pose a threat to their existence. In addition, they are losing their natural habitats due to irregular pattern of the weather.

These factors coupled with man-made changes to the range of plant species around them are having adverse effect. There have been instances in the past in the US where beekeepers faced a situation known as “colony collapse disorder.” This happens when the beekeepers discover the bees had mysteriously disappeared and farms faced a shortage of pollinators for crops.

Daily Mail UK adds Morgan Freeman had opened up about his interest in bees at a TV show. It was “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” where Freeman stressed on the importance of ensuring safety of the bees.

On the subject on his interaction with them, he says he acts as a caretaker. He feeds them and does not want disrupt their hives or harvest the honey. They are responsible for the growth of the planet, and vegetation and are the foundation of life. In fact, he has planted trees like clover, lavender, and magnolia to entice them to remain in his sanctuary.

Bees are indispensable for life

Morgan Freeman received the Screen Actors Guild SAG awards on New Year 2018 in recognition of his contribution in Hollywood movies. He is a celebrity and wants to highlight the plight of bees. They are vulnerable to the present day farming methods that lay emphasis on pesticides. These drive away the bees that are indispensable for life to survive. According to Sunnyskyz, he has realized they need protection and has taken initiative to pass on a message to the world at large. His message is protect the bees and save the environment