Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that Victor's family members and related associates are all in hot water with the GCPD. Nick will be frantic because of what is happening with his loved ones, but the Newman patriarch will pull himself together and take control. Paul Williams will soon be on hand and the police chief might decide to take down the most prominent residents of Genoa City. Mariah, Phyllis, Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria are all in danger of being charged with crimes and there is still the issue of who is behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

Rumors persist that either Adam, J.T. or both are alive and causing all the drama.

The Newman clan are all under suspicion

Soap Dirt reports that things will get so hectic for the Newman family that Nick will spiral out of control. Victor, however, will remain calm and eventually take charge of all the chaos. Nikki has confessed to killing J.T. while Victoria refuses to say anything, even to her lawyer Michael Baldwin. Both were at the GCPD on Monday as were the rest of the cover-up gang.

Sharon confessed all to Rey but later recanted her story. Spoilers say Phyllis will throw the others under the bus in order to save her own skin. This includes snitching on Mariah and Tessa for their roles in covering up the crime.

Rey and Christine are desperate to get to the truth and with the police chief, Paul Williams returning to "Y&R" things could become much worse for the Newman clan.

GCPD running over with Newman suspects

Paul will be returning to the GCPD just in time to help figure out what really happened to J.T. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Adam Newman will be the mastermind behind all the chaos in Genoa City but viewers believe it is more likely that Mr.

Helstrom did not die and is seeking revenge on his tormentors. If spoilers are correct, and Victor takes charge, he will eventually get to the bottom of it all. In the meantime, Rey, Paul, and Christine will throw the book at his loved ones.

Viewers are certainly anxious for this storyline to be wrapped up and all the questions to be answered.

If Adam is alive, where has he been all this time? If J.T. never died where has he been hiding and did he possibly have help o pull off everything he did to gaslight the Newmans? Will there be an explanation for where the police chief has been all this time or will he simply one day be sitting in his chair as if nothing ever happened? Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1230 PM EST.