Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" detail an interview with Jason Canela, who portrays Arturo Rosales on the CBS daytime drama. The actor addresses the attitude that many fans have towards his character and his television siblings. Canela stated that his message to viewers is that the Latino family is here to stay and not going anywhere. Resentment towards these Genoa City newcomers stems from the fact that longtime beloved Paul Williams was let go at the same time this family began being showcased. Now that Doug Davidson has returned, new head writer Josh Griffith will have to decide a new direction for all involved.

Doug Davidson vs the Rosales clan

Doug Davidson, a 40 year veteran of "The Young and the Restless" was let go when former head writer Mal Young said he was taking the show in a different direction. Paul was no longer on the air, without any explanation being given, and Rey Rosales was seen sitting in his chair. To add insult to injury, Mal Young began showcasing Arturo and his siblings in practically every episode. This resulted in many viewers looking at the situation as the newcomers vs a longtime veteran.

Ceeb Dirty Laundry quotes Jason Canela as saying the fans need to get used to his TV family because they are not going anywhere, but he could possibly be very wrong. Loyal "Y&R" fans went on social media demanding that Mal Young be fired and Doug Davidson rehired.

Josh Griffith is now the head writer and he is bringing Paul Williams back to the screen. Disgruntled viewers could also demand and receive the Rosales family being placed on the back burner, or even terminated from the show.

Can Doug Davidson and the Rosales clan coexist on "Y&R"

Soap Dirt indicates that Eric Braeden's complaints about veteran actors being pushed to the side carried a lot of weight.

Along with the force of angry "Y&R" viewers, Paul Wiliams will now be back in position as the GCPD chief. For this reason, Jason Canea should not be counting his chickens before they hatch. If a beloved character of four decades can be cast aside like yesterday's news, then so can the members of the Rosales family, who are not big hits with the fans.

Mal Young did a great disservice to the five actors involved as well as long-time viewers. Firing Doug Davidson and putting Rey in his chair was like rubbing salt in a wound. Forcing the Rosales family on the viewers who were hurt about Paul only added insult to injury. In a perfect world Arturo, Lola, Mia, Paul, and Rey would coexist happily. This, however, is daytime drama and everyone will have to wait and see what Josh Griffith has in store.