"General Hospital" loyal fans on Monday got to see the reunion they have patiently been waiting for, After months of wondering what has happened to her marriage, Laura was troubled after Franco said that Dr Kevin Collins might not be the man they think he is. She later followed her soon to be ex-husband to Ferncliff where she saw him go into a patients room. When Ryan left, Laura peeped through the window and realized that the patient in the bed was actually Kevin. She called out to him, and he made his way to the door when suddenly Mrs Collins fell to the floor.

Standing over her was evil twin Ryan with a syringe in his hand.

Laura finally puts the pieces together

Laura knew something was off with the man she is married to but has not been able to put the pieces together. With Franco's words echoing in her head she decided to follow her spouse to see what he was up to. While she was sneaking through the halls of Ferncliff, Nina, Charlotte, and Spencer were celebrating Lulu's return home and wondering why Mrs. Collins had not yet joined them. While they waited, Nina tried to convince Lulu that her memories of who attacked her were not accurate.

Curtis, who has been appointed a bodyguard for Laura's daughter, listened intently because he also believes Franco is innocent.

Spencer and Charlotte discussed telling their grandma that the young Cassadine prince tampered with the ballots during the election. At the same time, Jordan was trying to convince Franco to admit to the murders in order to flush out the real killer. She said the true murderer would not like someone else to get all the glory and it would cause him to reveal himself.

It looks like "GH" is finally getting closer to wrapping up this storyline.

Laura realizes Kevin is really Ryan

Back at Ferncliff, Laura convinces an employee that she is taking an unannounced late night tour of the facility as Port Charles mayor. She spies on Ryan who she sees entering a patients room and hides so he will not see her.

Once he is gone, Laura looks through the window and sees a man on a cot, who is sleeping with his face to the wall. When he rolls over Mrs Collins gets the shock of her life because she realizes she is looking at her husband, Kevin.

Laura calls out to Kevin, and he responds by shouting her name. He stumbles out of bed and makes his way to the door. At that moment Laura sinks to the floor and viewers then see that Ryan is standing above her with the syringe in his hand. He will probably lock her in the room with his brother, at least for now. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.