Tuesday on, "The Young and the Restless," chaos, drama, fear, and confessions reigned supreme in Genoa City. Everyone was distraught over two recent events; Lola ending up in the hospital, and the cover-up gang being interrogated. Phyllis decided to come clean and told Christine the entire truth about what happened the night J.T. was murdered. Summer was stunned when Kyle blamed her for Lola's accident and shocked when Nick told her that her mother, aunt, grandmother, and stepmom were all being accused of murder. Mia is guilty about her sister in law's accident and no one knows what is coming next.

Phyllis makes a deal with Christine

As Nick was telling Summer that her mother was at the police station, Phyllis decided to come clean and tell Christine the entire story of what went down the night Nikki hit J.T. with the poker. She also admitted that an unknown individual planted the poker and J.T.'s clothes at the Newman ranch. The DA sent officers to the Newman home and retrieved the items she was told about.

After speaking to Mariah, Chris decided to let Phyllis go and told her to be sure to show up for the trial. She added that others in Genoa City will not be happy that Ms. Summers told the truth. Because Phyllis snitched on the rest of the cover-up gang, and Mariah confirmed the existence of the videotape, Christine is hopeful she will get a conviction.

Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon have no idea that Phyllis just rolled over on them. Nick and Victor will also be livid when this information comes to light.

Mia and Summer on edge because of Lola

Mia cried on Rey's shoulder and asked questions about his sister's condition. She looked truly frightened that Lola may not recover and was clearly rattled when her husband said they would catch the person who committed the crime.

Meanwhile, when Summer showed up at the hospital, Kyle ran her away. He told her that she set everything in motion that led to Lola's accident and asked her to leave. The Rosales brothers later told Kyle to go away and let Lola's family take care of her. Abby promised to keep him informed so he left.

Phyllis is feeling like the cat who swallowed the canary, Mia is acting like a caged animal, Summer is dazed and confused, while Christine is being careful. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers alerts to keep up with these women and what happens next. Continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1230 PM EST.