"Sister Wives" fans who follow Janelle Brown heard that she's very excited to share the news that her and Kody Brown's daughter, Maddie expects a new baby in August. Maddie Brown, married to Caleb Brush, already has a son Axel James, born in May 2017. Over on Instagram, Janelle reposted a post by Maddie, who said, "We are so excited for all the new adventures!"

Expanding 'Sister Wives' family

The "Sister Wives" family expands as the older kids move off from home and make their own lives with partners. Axel, the first grandchild brought a lot a lot of happiness to Kody.

For Axel, the closest Brown child near his age is Ariella Mae, the youngest child of Robyn and Kody. Ariella Mae, born in January 2016, is his step-aunt of sorts. One can imagine then, that Axel's going to enjoy being a big brother to his new sibling.

People reported when Axel arrived, Kody and Janelle fell in love with the little guy in a hurry and they mentioned their excitement about their first grandchild. Well, it seems becoming grandparents never really loses anything when the next one comes along. According to Janelle, she's "So excited to share the news" about the next baby. So is Maddie, who told People, "This pregnancy feels less real for some reason, but I am still over the moon! I have no idea what I think it is.

I’ll just be happy with a healthy baby.”

Fans react to news of Maddie and Caleb's second baby

Over on Instagram, fans of "Sister Wives" mainly reacted by extending congratulations on hearing the news about Maddie's pregnancy. However, some of them questioned how that fitted in with Maddie's "dreams of college and a career." Others wondered how Maddie could be so excited after watching the episode showing her giving birth last time.

@marieashea agreed with another Insta user that the birth was "difficult to watch. I felt absolutely awful for what Maddie went through. Hope she’ll consider an epidural this time! Lol. I know the family leans towards home births, but her last experience was scary."

Other "Sister Wives" fans hoped this new baby brings a new line to the TLC show.

This season, most fans agree they are totally over Meri Brown and the constant revisitation of the nearly four-year-old catfish experience. As @pamelablair noted, "Hope this is the new storyline. Enough of Meri...so over her. I stopped watching the first episode." And she is not alone. Others commented about that as well.

Caleb thinks the new child's a boy

Most of the "Sister Wives" followers addressed Janelle Brown and expressed their happiness at her joy. The news of the new grandchild certainly seems to make her happy. Others hope that this time around Maddie and Caleb get a daughter. However, Caleb seems convinced it will be a boy. People cited him as saying, “For as long as I can remember, all I wanted was to be a dad...Now I will be a dad to not one, but two.

I’m just excited to give Axel a sibling and grow our family! I think it’s going to be a boy.”

What do you think about Maddie and Caleb expecting a new child? Do you think they should rather focus on a career and college before expanding their family? Are you happy for Janelle Brown? Sound off in the comments.

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