"Sister Wives" fans heard that Janelle Brown visited Nashville. Actually, as the TLC show is currently airing a new season, interest in the Brown family rises. Fans over on Instagram who live in Nashville expressed their delight in knowing she visited their city. Others who also visited the city posted lots of nice comments on the photos that she shared.

The 'Sister Wives' fans from Nashville

Janelle Brown noted in her Instagram post that she had a "wonderful" time in the city of Nashville. She found it extremely interesting as it's so "multi-faceted." In fact, Janelle says she just "can't wait" to go back sometime and explore it a bit more.

Of course, lots of interesting things can be found there. They have the Nashville Centennial Park with the unexpected Parthenon, and music, music, music. In fact, Janelle said in reply to a comment, that they "didn’t have time to go inside [the Parthenon] - but walked around the building. Next time!"

Fans of "Sister Wives" who live in Nashville went to the Instagram post to comment on their wonderful town. Here's what some of them had to say to Janelle:

  • @libbytucker: "You’re here!!!! Omg I would love to meet y’all! Let me know if you need anything at all while you’re here seriously I love y’all!!!!!"
  • @susieclay1: "Welcome to Nashville!!!! I live in Lebanon, 30 miles east of Nashville, I sure hope you received plenty of Southern Hospitality!"
  • @dizziazz: "Welcome to my city @janellebrown117 !! Hope you enjoyed it!!"
  • @walker6980: "I passed you on the bridge today. I knew it was you! Looking good."
  • @jboyd1229: "My hometown! I love this city and happy to hear you enjoyed it as well."

Janelle Brown posted the Woolworth diner

Woolworth diners closed around Maryland and other places over the years, but Nashville has one and Janelle went there.

One of her photos showed the outside and another, the inside. Actually, that seemed to be a throwback memory for so many "Sister Wives" fans. In fact, they couldn't get over the fact that one actually remains. Apparently, thanks to one of the locals, followers now know that the Nashville one is fully restored.

According to @adele_w_jones, "Woolworth on Fifth is a restaurant in the old Woolworth store where some of the first non-violent civil rights protests took place.

It has been restored and is a trip back in time. The history is on the back of the menu and the food is great." Other people who know Nashville recommended various other places to eat out in the town, like 5 Daughters or the Legendairy Milkshake Bar.

Current 'Sister Wives' season

The current season of "Sister Wives" airs on TLC on Sunday nights.

This season, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine dealt with some drama in the family as Meri looked for a loan. Actually, though Meri got a loan for her old family house, she needed the downpayment. After approaching the other sister wives, they got together with Kody and discussed helping Meri out. However, Kody said the family did not have the money. In the end, Meri managed to fund it without the rest of the family. Nevertheless, Janelle Brown looked thrilled for Meri when she managed to buy it to convert it into a BnB.

What do you think about Janelle Brown wanting to go back to Nashville to explore some more? Are you from Nashville? Sound off in the comments.

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