"My 600-lb Life" fans heard that Gideon Yeakley collapsed on Monday, February 4. Kayleigh, Gideon's wife shared on social media that he called her to return home after he felt bad. She found that he collapsed and passed out. Actually, this is so scary, so she got him to the hospital quickly. After a number of medical tests, it looks like he has internal bleeding and maybe some type of infection.

Gideon Yeakley lost over 200-lbs since 'My 600-lb Life' debut

Gideon tried very hard to lose weight. In fact, back in 2016, fans of "My 600-lb Life" saw that he and his family actually relocated from Oklahoma to Texas.

At the time, the decision to move meant that Gideon could more easily access Dr. Nowzaradan. Back then, Daily Mail UK noted that the move held some risk for Kayleigh, who gave up a decent job. Initially, Gideon struggled with his weight-loss goals. First up, he needed to lose 50-lbs in a single month before the doctors would even attempt surgery. When he only lost 30-lbs, he seemed more determined.

Towards the end of the "My 600-lb Life" episode, he lost weight, but then seemed to swap eating for sleeping. Understandably, Kayleigh grew angry as she carried the load of all the household chores. Actually, she threatened to leave him unless he shaped up. Still, it took a load of therapy for him to get his head around using sleep to escape pain the same way he previously used food.

In time, he lost more than 200-lbs. Now, much healthier on the surface of things, and engaging with his family physically, things looked up.

Sudden collapse a shock

Given how hard Gideon worked to lose weight, it must be a terrible shock to suddenly find he's not well.

Since his hospital admission, Kayleigh's kept friends and fans updated on social media. One good thing is that it seems the condition is not heart-related. Starcasm.net reported that "Gideon’s EKG results “came back normal,” suggesting that nothing was wrong with his heart." However, doctors seemed unable to find an immediate diagnosis.

What "My 600-lb Life" fans do learn from Kayleigh's posts is that the doctors put him on antibiotics. Additionally, one medical doctor said that hopefully, no surgery's necessary as he felt, surgery's not ideal. Apparently, it wouldn't "be beneficial for [any] infection.” Doctors also ordered a CT, and next week brings more tests.

Gideon's internal bleeding

InTouch Weekly also mentioned that the doctors found blood in his stool. Usually, this indicates some type of internal bleeding. Now, it seems that Gideon faces a GI scope and a colonoscopy. Kayleigh noted that they need to find out what's causing the bleeding. Hopefully, the diagnosis does not bring bad news for Gideon. However, his fans and followers hold him and his family in their thoughts.

What do you think of Gideon Yeakley's collapse and the difficulty in establishing what the problem is? Do you think it's tragic in a way that he suffers internal bleeding just as things were going well for him and his family? Did you know he and Kayleigh had a baby daughter since the show in 2016?

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