"Family by the Ton" airs on TLC Wednesdays, but the surreal encounter Amanda Johnson had with a stranger probably won't be on the show. After all, it was ages in the making and we view it in hindsight. Amanda took to her Instagram last night to describe what happened with a stranger and a courage stone.

Amanda Johnson's part of the King family

The TLC "Family by the Ton" show currently features the King family, which is composed of Amanda who weighed in at 650 lbs, plus cousins Casey, Ed, and Amy who joined her on her crusade to lose weight. The fact that Amanda needed to shed weight in order to get treatment for cancer is a big motivational factor.

Perhaps Amanda did lose the weight that we currently see her battling with on the television. In her recent post, she mentioned that she was grabbing a few things from Target. She wrote as an aside, that she would never have been able to do that a year ago.

Amanda was not feeling too good before she encountered a stranger in the shop. In fact, she says she felt "physically and emotionally" not on the top rung lately. Then a stranger came by and made her day. Although a rather surreal and strange encounter, she felt much better for it, she noted to "Family by the Ton" followers

Surreal encounter for 'Family by the Ton' star

Amanda was presumably wandering around the shop looking for goodies when a woman approached her.

Now that she's on television, perhaps this sort of encounter could happen more often. However, the woman wanted nothing for herself. Rather, she wanted to give Amanda something. As Amanda writes it, "She told me she wasn’t sure what was going to happen today but when she woke up she knew today she had a purpose. She told me she watched the show and was in awe of my honesty and how open I was."

The "Family by the Ton" star then elaborated, saying that this stranger, for some inexplicable reason felt compelled to pick up and carry a small stone with her.

On the stone is the word "courage." When she saw Amanda, she just knew the stone was meant for her.

Courage stone made Amanda Johnson's day

As Amanda pointed out, there are lots of mean people out there, but it only takes one nice gesture to make all the difference. In fact, while she felt "speechless," she was very touched by it all.

"Family by the Ton" followers enjoyed her story. One said it was very "beautiful" and another noted that it was an "inspiring and encouraging" gesture.

What do you think of Amanda Johnson's encounter with a stranger who gave her a courage stone? Do you think it sounds a little bit surreal?

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