"American Idol" alum, Laine Hardy starred in Season 16 last year. Knocked out before making the Top 24, he nevertheless continued singing and songwriting and gained a lot of fans. Now, he used his social media influence to reach out for a hometown boy's GoFundMe. Fans and followers of Laine blessed him for his kindness in helping out Maurepas High School senior, Gage Braniff, who needs a new heart.

'American Idol' 2019, rumors Laine Hardy's coming back

Rumors that Laine Hardy may return to "American Idol" this year are rife on the internet. However, he made it pretty clear last year that he'd just pick up his life and keep trying.

Many fans stayed with him and saw him bring out new clips and covers. So many of them went to the country music festivals and then joined in as followers on his social media accounts. Laine's reach extends to potentially thousands of followers who can help make a difference for Gage Braniff.

Laine always came over with the down-to-earth appeal of country kindness and a touch of innocence. Certainly, it's nice to see his newly acquired fame did not ruin him. In fact, he still interacts with his fans, often answering them on his posts. In fact, even if he did perform in the next "American Idol" and won, it's not likely he would forget his hometown family and friends.

In this instance, he wrote, "Y’all help my boy @gage_braniff out & go donate to him He’s from my hometown, every little bit helps!"

GoFundMe for Gage Braniff, Laine's hometown boy

Over on the GoFundMe page for Gage Braniff, it explains that out of the blue, he fell critically ill. He was fine and healthy by all accounts but suddenly got sick.

His dad took him "to the hospital" where it turned out he had a heart condition previously undiagnosed. Termed "Cardiomyopathy," it means he has to get a new heart. Unfortunately, Gage's family health insurance cannot cover what runs into millions of dollars.

Set at an initial amount of a million dollars, Laine shared the call for assistance.

So far it raised $4666,00 by 111 people in one day. Still, the target looks very far away right now. Here's what some of Laine's fans said to him when he shared the GoFundMe appeal:

  • @k.land84: "Praying for Gage and his family. You’re a good friend, Laine."
  • @michellealexis13: "Oh my gosh, Bless your heart, Laine!!! Thank you for helping him. I’m heading over to the go fund me page now to donate. Every bit helps!!!! Pray. Love ya Laine...I always have your whole family in my prayers. You have a wonderful mama, someday I WILL make it down that way and meet you guys and catch a show of yours. Onward and upward Laine."
  • @horseloverashley: "Omg will do. Wow, you are such a good-hearted person."

Prayers for Maurepas High School senior Gage Braniff

Laine also mentioned on his Instagram post that he's praying for Gage.

Lots of his fans also prayed although some of them hoped their little prayers made a difference. Apart from that, Laine's followers also addressed their thoughts and encouragement to Gage as well. @claireerenee posted, "@gage_braniff miracles happen. keep your head up! prayers to you and your family !!! keep your faith in God and everything will fall into place {sic]!!" Many similar messages came in for Gage.

What do you think of "American Idol" alum, Laine Hardy reaching out to support a GoFundMe for a hometown boy? Do you think it shows he never got one hair on his head turned by becoming a better-known country singer?

Remember to keep an eye out for season 17 of "American Idol" that premieres on March 3 on ABC.

Just maybe, Laine features in it and more fans will follow his lead in helping out Gage Braniff.

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