"American Idol" last year, saw Laine Hardy do very well initially, but he faltered in the Final Judgment that aired in April. Now, rumors and spoilers say that in "American Idol" 2019, he was given a second shot at trying again. When he left last year, fans were so upset that they started petitions to try and get the judges to bring him back as a wildcard. That never happened, so Laine picked himself up and went off to make more music and engage with his fans.

American Idol fans love Laine's Hardy's country music

Laine left after a three-week run when the judges felt he was not yet ready for the Top 24.

Frankly, those who watched and hoped, couldn't deny that his final performance was not quite there. The "American Idol" judges discussed that perhaps his voice was going, but concluded singers must have the legs to keep going when it comes to touring. So Laine left and fans were devastated. Lots of them migrated to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, plus Facebook. Actually, they believed one day he would make it big and his fan base steadily rises.

Laine Hardy's been playing at country festivals, recording some of his own numbers, and churning out covers. The good looking, shy young boy with the velvet voice from Livingston, is turning into a confident and competent young man. So, if the rumors are true that Laine Hardy was given another shot at "American Idol" in 2019, it's hardly surprising.

Recently, TV Shows Ace reported that a few spoilers came out after the showrunners posted a shot of the Top 20 from the back on Twitter. Already, we know that "90 Day Fiance" alum Evelyn Cormier is one of them.

Rumors of Laine returning to the show in 2019

The rumors of Laine returning to the 2019 edition of "American Idol" seemed to be confirmed by the MJS Big Blog recently.

Actually, citing the spoiler and tip site, The Idol Pad, they noted that Laine Hardy and Alyssa Ragu are returning for the new season. This arose from people who watched some of the filming at the Disney Aulani Resort and Spa in Honolulu. In fact, there was a leaked video titled, "AMERICAN IDOL - KO OLINA, HAWAII - 2019," that indicates the person running into the sea in a black and white striped shirt is actually Laine.

The leaked YouTube video also showed the contestants from the front and that sure looks like Laine crouching down in the front row with his signature cap on backward! In the article tweeted by Starcasm, their cover photo was taken from the alleged shoot for the Top 20 that leaked on YouTube.

Spoilers name Laine Hardy's song for 2019

Spoilers also noted that allegedly, Laine sang "Come Together" by The Beatles in the showcase round. Of course, even if it's true Laine did get a second shot and make it to the Top 20, that doesn't mean fans won't watch him compete.

Notably, a week ago Laine Hardy posted a new, never-before clip of his new song called "Buring Gas." You can listen to it in the Instagram post below. All "American Idol" fans of Laine can recall his audition where he told the judges that his favorite thing to do was "burning gas." Perhaps his new single that will be on his upcoming EP is a subtle hint of a return to his first steps to stardom.

What do you think of the spoilers and rumors that Laine Hardy not only got a second chance but may have made it to the Top 20 in 2019? It's not long to go now until you can find out the truth, as the show premieres on March 3, 2019, on the ABC television network.

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