NBC's new hit show "Manifest" has become the network's top show this season and for good reason. The mysterious journey of Montego Air Flight 828, continues to draw in viewers, as fans attempt to figure out what is really going on with this flight and the passengers. The passengers are attempting to adjust to their lives, after being missing for five years. Now they have to worry about a government conspiracy involving their flight.

Too Fab has said that "Manifest" returned from their winter break, and now Ben Stone continues his investigation into Flight 828 and his fellow passengers.

He has gone over every detail, in an attempt to explain what is really going on around them. Stone begins to piece it all together, and realizes this was no accident. However, as soon as he finds answers, he starts having more questions.

'Manifest' characters find out the cause of the disappearance

Ben gets support from Captain Daly, who piloted Flight 828 on the day of their disappearance. Thanks to a local meteorologist, the pair find out that a meteorological event known as "dark lightning," occurred during their flight. During the flight, Daly flew right into it. Now, he wants to recreate that flight, so he steals a plane taking a fellow passenger with him. The passenger has insight into the "callings" that many passengers have begun having since they came back.

Now, the news has reported that the plane was shot down, but Ben believes that the plane is now in the future.

Ben's sister Michaela Stone, was one of the first passengers to receive "callings," which have led her down different paths as she attempts to adjust to her new life. She returns back to the police force, but now working with her former fiance Jared.

The pair admit their feelings for each other are still there, leading them to cross the line.

'Manifest' revealing new insight into other dark lightning events

These unexplained "callings" are also affecting Ben's son Cal, but this time they come in the form of drawings that offer insight into the future. Ben and Grace discover Cal missing, but use a map left behind by him to find him.

Grace finally believes what Ben has been saying about Flight 828, since the beginning. Later down the road, Ben and Grace discover a man, which was the reason Cal was called to the cabin. Zeke said that he disappeared and happened to move ahead in time. Michaela goes into the cave and finds a drawing of Zeke and Michaela holding hands.

Den of Geek reports that Ben continues to piece together what it is truly going on, he's still being chased by a secretive government agency, which is behind the whole conspiracy. The agency also knows about Cal and is slowly getting closer to Ben and his group. The unknown Major continues to be a threat to Ben as he fights to understand what she wants from the passengers. There are only two episodes left and is expected to be renewed by NBC. The season finale is expected to leave us with more questions than answers. NBC has been quiet about a renewal.