"General Hospital" Spoiler alerts indicate that the coming week will be filled with intrigue for Port Charles residents. Ryan has become overconfident and will begin making mistakes. He has set up Franco to take the fall for his crimes, by feeding Lulu false memories during hypnosis. Jordan however, will offer Mr. Baldwin a way out. Laura will be seeking answers and will come closer to the truth. Eventually, she and her beloved Kevin will reunite but much has to take place before that time arrives. Sadly Griffin is reported to be the next victim of the serial killer but it's not known if he will be the last.

Jordan and Franco may team up

Something must be about to take place that leads Jordan Ashford to believe that Franco may be telling the truth about being set up. She already knows that evidence was planted to make Griffin and Carly seem guilty of murder. Soaps She Knows says that Jordan will offer Franco a way out of his current situation, but he may be reluctant to take it. The PCPD police commissioner will decide to flush out the real killer, but if spoilers are correct, it will not come in time to save Griffin.

Scott is working diligently to find evidence that makes Lulu's memories from hypnosis inadmissible. She will recover her true memories in time but for now, she is giving Ryan the ability to roam free and Kevin remain locked up just a little while longer.

"GH" fans are ready for this nightmare to be over but Laura and Jordan both must uncover a lot of evidence before the end is in sight.

Laura will reunite with Kevin

Soap Dirt says that Jon Lindstrom, who has the dual "GH" role of Kevin and Ryan gave an interview where he said that Laura and her husband will indeed reunite. This is good news but there is a lot of damage and wounded emotions that must be dealt with first.

The spoiler points out that because Kevin lied about his twins death, Lulu was almost killed. Laura might have a hard time forgiving him for that, as well as being hard on herself for not realizing the man she was living with was not her husband.

For now at least "General Hospital" fans can rejoice in the fact that all that is wrong will eventually be set right.

Spoilers have not said what will be the final fate of Ryan Chamberlain. He might be incarcerated or perhaps even be killed. All that is known, is that he definitely will be caught. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts related to how Laura, Franco, and Jordan figure out the truth and take down the serial killer.