"The Bachelor" Season 23 just aired its marathon premiere and it looks like many fans of the show gave up watching to go and enjoy the live Reddit feed. There, the conversation at least focussed on more than the fact that Colton Underwood and some of the ladies are, or pretend to be virgins. Unlike Twitter that focussed on the V-word, Redditors came up with some interesting comments on Sloth Girl and vented their frustration as three-quarters of the premiere was filler fluff and, quite frankly, boring.

'Bachelor' filler comments on Reddit

One Redditor, @jaclynofalltrades, wrote "The best part of the show was just the highlight reel of Chris Harrison.

Tonight was 70% filler 30% Colton and the ladies. I don’t think they’ve ever shown so little of the first night." Many people came up with similar sentiments. Why all the parties? Why all the audience shots? Fans of "The Bachelor" found it so boring that more than a few of them either fell asleep, took to Reddit, or went to watch cartoon reruns with the kids. @hoosiernation1887 put it in a nutshell, posting this comment: "Bottom line is that this should not have been a 3 hour show, I don't think all the extra shananana did anything for anyone (or at least I hope)."

Here's the best comment, that sadly actually came very close to the truth of the entertainment value of the premiere of "The Bachelor" - "Literally the only thing that's happened in this first hour is we met a woman whose mother is in federal prison for embezzlement, and she mentioned it as casually as you would mention finding out your Starbucks gift card still had enough on it to cover your Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew." - @cabspaintedyellow.

The tired V-word comments

Everyone knew in advance, that the V-Word would crop up. Almost as if it's some sort of disability or some weird interpretation of diversity, Colton's status in that area of socializing hit a note through the previews.

Most fans of "The Bachelor" knew the word would repeat endlessly. It did. People actually counted them, and the word and puns grew old and tired within a few minutes.

Twitter carried on that conversation, but on both platforms, different people mentioned their younger siblings or kids asking what a virgin is. For those who do know, they really mostly don't seem to care.

After all, it made the show seem like something seedy was going down in the nether regions of the set. Maybe staffers put money on those women likely to pop up before the final episode and claim the Bachelor isn't what he says he is.

Sloth Girl seemed a nice if weird

Surprisingly, lots of people thought that Sloth Girl was quite nice, if weird and obviously engineered. It sure must have taken a lot of effort and energy to get up the tree. Plus, she had heels on under that costume. Fans noted that it seemed like Colton never even really noticed her up the tree, which meant a lot of wasted effort. @V-170 wrote, "I really wish Alex (sloth) stayed, She seemed really nice."

Mind you as the show started so slowly, the idea of sloths and them being one of the slowest animals on the planet came into question.

Even sloths probably move faster than the first hour of the premiere of "The Bachelor," came the joke.

The premiere preview showing Colton jump the gate was the top attraction

Many Redditors and followers of "The Bachelor" said they just tuned in because the preview showed Colton jump the gate in spectacular fashion. Probably, as much as we hate to love the shoe, the followers will continue to do so. However, it's possible that most of the entertainment value comes from Reddit. So, if you hated it, why not call in and at least enjoy the comments while you fast forward through the forgettable moments.

And oh yeah, spoilers are out and we know who he chooses, we think.

What did you think of "The Bachelor" premiere? Did you think it was boring, forgettable and plain silly? Will you make sure to follow Reddit to help the season go down?

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