90 Day Fiance: 5 great Twitter memes about the Tell-All episode

After the latest 90 Day Fiance Tell-All episode, fans had lots to say about the cast.


"90 Day Fiance" aired the Season 6 Tell-All episode and fans took to Twitter to post up memes and thoughts on the cast. None of them were spared, including Ashley Martson and Jay Smith, Asuelu and Kalani, Steven and Olga and the rest. Here are some of the best memes posted by followers of the show.


Ashey and Jay Smith, the Tinder saga

On Ashley and Jay who can't seem to let go of the Tinder saga that had the two at odds yet again, one fan posted this tweet about her friend telling her he was up to no good.


On Kalani's family saying Asuelu should have sent money

The family of Kalani moaned about Asuelu who she met in Samoa. She knew he was broke. How was he going to send her diapers or money for them?


Steve, Olga and visa problems

Steven seems to be universally hated. Olga spoke via screen, and even then Steven kept speaking for her. Fans were angry that he messed about with the visas.


Larissa - not the only irritating personality

Leida annoyed a lot of fans. However, it was like she got off the hook as Larissa had a more universally irritating attitude.


On Leida's fake tears

Nope, the tears by Leida didn't strike anyone as genuine. This meme described how the audience felt.

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