Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate an exciting week of confessions in Port Charles. Two women, in particular, will find themselves realizing just how out of the loop they have been. Alexis is going to find herself on the receiving end of some scathing words coming from Dr, Nero and DA Dawson will find out what Jordan and Curtis have been up to in regard to the serial killer. Ms. Davis will be shocked to hear that Kim believes she and Julian have reunited and Margeaux will listen to an ear full of details, facts, and conjecture related to the three people who recently were murdered.

Kim lashes out at Alexis because of Julian

Last week Julian broke up with Kim because he saw her kissing Drew. He told her on Friday that he had slept with someone else after realizing she and her baby daddy had feelings for each other. He did not give a name but fans know and Soap Opera Spy says Dr. Nero will assume it was Alexis. The spoiler indicates that Oscar's mom will give in to all the stress she has been dealing with and lash out at Ms. Davis for sleeping with her man behind her back.

Soap Opera Spy indicates that Alexis will defend herself and proclaim her innocence, but Kim does not believe one word of it. On Monday Dr, Nero and Drew got the news that the experimental treatment did not work and that their son is now dying.

They made the decision to tell Oscar right away. This will probably have more to do with Kim lashing out at Ms.Davis than Julian's alleged betrayal.

Alexis tries to set Kim straight about Julian

Soap Dirt reveals that after her conversation with her former husband, Alexis will go straight to "General Hospital" and attempt to set Kim straight. Previews for Tuesday show Dr, Nero yelling that she does not care who Julian sleeps with.

Alexis has no way of knowing that Oscar's treatment did not work and Mr. Jerome does not realize how damaging his lie will become or that the timing could not have been worse. This will probably cause friction for Julexis who lately had been growing closer.

Soap Dirt suggests that Alexis and Kim will end up in a battle but once the truth about Oscar comes out, both Julian and his ex-wife will feel pretty bad about their recent decisions.

This will also delay any Julexis reunion which will disappoint many fans. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts related to this storyline and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.