Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" tease that Alexis and two of her daughters are about to reap what they have sown. Each of the women has made decisions that are about to come back and bite them big time. Sam's long past has come back to haunt her and puts her loved ones in danger, while Kristina's recent choices have her in a most unpredictable set of circumstances. Their mother's inability to make a clean break from Julian Jerome will cause her to make a rash decision. Ms. Davis will attempt to set the record straight on a misunderstanding but it will go horribly wrong.

Alexis tries to make amends

On Friday, Julian broke up with Kim because he saw her kissing Drew and told her that he slept with someone else to ease the pain. Julian did not give Dr. Nero a name, but Alexis realizes that she will be the one to first come to mind. Soap Central indicates that Ms. Davis will go to the hospital and attempt to clear the air with Kim. Unfortunately, her timing could not be worse. as Oscar's parents just found out that the treatment did not work and he is dying. "GH" spoilers from Soap Dirt indicate that Kim and Alexis will get into a heated argument and everything will go downhill.

Sam is on the outside looking in

On Monday, JaSam figured out that Shiloh, who is the owner of the house where Kristina and Oscar are staying is the son of one of Sam's ex-husbands.

On Friday when Sam and Jason went to check out Kristina's new living quarters, Shiloh made a comment to Ms. McCall about the need to change names when you change your life. This was a clue that he knew her prior to coming to Port Charles. Soap Central says that Sam will feel as if she is on the outside looking in and unable to save her family.

She realizes her past may now be affecting her sister and Jason's nephew and is unsure how to expose the cult leader without alienating the two young adults.

Kristina is in over her head

Kristina is completely oblivious to the fact that Shiloh has a secret agenda that involves her older sister. She believes this man is a godsend for her and also Oscar.

On Friday Krissy was elated that Shiloh took time from his schedule to make a personal appearance at young Mr. Nero's bedside. This is why she will not listen to anything Sam has to say about him that is negative. Alexis decided to allow Sam and Jason to keep an eye on her youngest daughter and has no clue of the danger. Be on the lookout for updated "General Hospital" spoiler alerts to find out how the Davis women handle these disastrous situations.