"When Calls the Heart" Season 6 comes on February 24 to Hallmark Channel. Actors discussed the upcoming season with Entertainment Tonight. Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton), Pascale Hutton (Rosemary), Kavan Smith (Lee), and others detailed some of what Hearties can expect to see in the new series. Of course, lots of the focus is on Elizabeth's new baby Jack, as Mountie Jack died at the end of Season 5 before his birth.

Baby Jack born in the 'When Calls the Heart' Christmas Special movie

Erin Krakow also took to her Instagram to promote the upcoming season and shared a photo of her character's new baby, Jack.

So too did @taylortwins19. For fans who don't know, twins actually play the role of Erin's new baby. These are Lincoln and Gunnar, the newest additions to the "When Calls the Heart" cast. Baby Jack who fans saw born in the Hallmark Christmas Special, "The Greatest Christmas Blessing" never really got to see much of him. However, Entertainment Tonight says that much of Season 6 will focus on him, his mum raising him, and new suitors for the new widow in Hope Valley.

During interviews with Entertainment Tonight, Erin Krakow said, "Jack's got big blue eyes and a little man face and a big baby body." She adds that he's "really sweet." Kavan Smith (Lee) mentioned that baby Jack's arrival "opens up a whole new side of Erin's character." He says we will see that this baby "pays a lot of homage to the character of [Mountie] Jack as well."

New suitors for Erin Krakow's character Elizabeth

While Erin wants to continue teaching, maintain friendships and raise the baby, new suitors arrive in town.

Erin says Elizabeth needs to juggle all of this and most mothers relate to it. (Presumably without dealing with new suiters too). One suitor is a new Mountie, Nathan Grant, played by Kevin McGarry. The other is a bit of a dodgy person named Lucas Bouchard played by Chris McNally. Lucas has a secret apparently. Elizabeth immediately "catches his eye," says McNally, who then points out though that she's not too forthcoming and is reserved with him.

Meanwhile, the new Mountie, Nathan Grant thinks that something could blossom between them "sometime down the road." Of course, we know Elizabeth rather likes Mounties so that's a possible scenario, but we also know she knows how dangerous their lives can be. Other romance involves Carson (Paul Greene), and Faith who may start "heating up." However, he pointed out to Entertainment Tonight that there are "obstacles." After all, it's a "small town," and as she is a "great nurse" this might mess up a good working relationship.

Season 6 sees a vulnerable Rosemary

Season 6 sees a gentler but emotional Rosemary (Pascale Hutton), as her relationship with Lee gets challenged. She says she is softer and more vulnerable in the new season. Hearties will see a more "introspective" Rosemary this time around.

For those fans still hoping for a miracle that Mountie Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) will reappear alive after all, in the Hallmark show, there is no indication that this will happen. Many fans hate the idea of his death so much they say they will never watch "When Calls the Heart" again. However, Baby Jack may very well persuade them otherwise once the show starts again.

How excited are you about Season 6 of "When Calls the Heart?" Do you think Baby Jack can ease the grief of fans who can't get over Daniel Lissing leaving?

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