"Sister Wives" fans know that Janelle Brown enjoys spending time in her kitchen. Often, she shares recipes and asks others for their thoughts on food. On her Instagram, December 6, she shared a photo of an alternative to single-use plastic wrapping. As usual, she asked whether others tried them. It certainly seems she's taking single-use plastics seriously and some fans congratulated her for that.

'Sister Wives' the new product is environmentally friendly

The new product that Janelle's trying out is environmentally friendly. If you never heard about it before, it seems to be a wrapper that's waterproofed with beeswax.

She noted on her Instagram that she never tried it before. Janelle captioned her post saying that she got them in the mail and she's "curious" about how good they are. She added that she's "begun to realize" how reliant her home is on "plastic wraps" and plastic "sandwich bags." Janelle's been looking around for other alternatives.

One "Sister Wives" follower said that people may even make their own wax wrappers. Another follower said that they sell out fairly quickly off the shelves. So, it seems she's not the only one in Arizona addressing the problem of single-use plastics. It's even possible that they may be washed and reused.

Single-use plastics and social responsibility

Reality TV stars like Janelle influence so many people who follow their shows.

Just by putting the question out there, she's showing that she also takes social responsibility seriously. It would be interesting to find to how many people actually ditch single-use plastic wrappers and follow Janelle's lead. In fact, many of the "Sister Wives" followers said they do already use them.

Here's what some of Janelle's followers said about them

  • They are excellent and far better than plastics.
  • One follower suggested other brands like stasherbags which may even be used for cooking. They are also excellent plastic bag replacements.
  • One person noted that they are very easy to use and also make the refrigerator smell nice.
  • Another suggested sponging gently with luke-warm water and soap to clean them. However, if the water's too hot it melts the wax.

Many more comments followed, so it looks like the idea has taken on.

Many of the followers said that they appreciated that Janelle's taking single-use plastics seriously. They also noted that many different brands are available and that others should keep an eye out in the supermarkets.

Janelle Brown asks for a recipe to make wax wrappers

When @jayandmelb said it's possible to make your own, Janelle asked for the recipe.

Very kindly, they told her how to do it. You need cloth squares, shaved beeswax, parchment, and an iron. Place a sheet of parchment on a towel. Then place a cloth square on it. Then sprinkle the beeswax. Then place another piece of parchment on top and iron it. Use the iron to spread the melted wax so that it's fully covered. Next, set aside to cool.

So, many thanks to Janelle Brown and her followers for this useful information about waxed wrappers. What do you think about single-use plastics? Is it time to get serious like Janelle Brown is? Follow the Reality TV channel on Blasting Pop to stay up to date with news about "Sister Wives."