Cane and Lily were getting back on track, on "The Young and the Restless" with their blended family, when disaster struck. Lily's obsession with Hilary led to the car crash that ended her sister-in-law's life. Now that she is in prison, Mrs. Ashby has come to a startling realization. On Wednesday, she wrote her husband what sounded like a Dear John letter and emphasized all the things that are different between them now. She made it clear that her priorities are related to her current living situation It looks like this popular couple is in trouble and Lane may be headed for trouble and possibly a divorce.

Lily may subtly be saying goodbye to Cane

Cane read the letter his wife sent him and she made herself pretty clear. She pointed out that the lines for the prison telephone were often long so she could not call home as much as she wanted to. Lily also stated that it was difficult to say on the phone what she would rather tell her husband in person. She emphasized that any discussions regarding their family were now referenced in the past as her present is in the prison system and she does not know what the future may hold.

Lily told her spouse that she is grateful to him for taking care of their children and the tone of the correspondence was as if she were subtly saying goodbye and setting them free.

Cane put the letter up when Mattie and Charlie came into the kitchen and this opened up another issue that may keep him and Lily apart when she is free from prison.

Victoria may come between Cane and Lily

The twins asked their dad to accompany them to the memorial service that Reed is having for J.T. but Cane balked at the idea.

He implied that Vicky would not want them in her home, and hat the service should be private and for immediate family. He added that it would be awkward because Charlie is the reason why Reed hit his grandma with the car. The twins countered that Nikki had forgiven them and practically begged their dad to attend the service.

Charlie and Mattie emphasized that they had been invited and should support Reed as a family unit but it was clear that Cane was still struggling with the fact that he kissed Victoria and wants to stay as far away from her as possible. Should he go to Reed's house, with his wife's letter on his mind on it's possible Cane and Vicky might lock lips again? Be on the lookout for updated recaps and spoiler alerts regarding this storyline and continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.