"General Hospital" spoiler alerts indicate that the New Year will bring plenty of romance to Port Charles. One couple that fans are divided over is Alexis and Julian. Some viewers believe that the former spouses should remain apart, while others can't wait for them to heat up the screen once more. Julexis have been treading carefully with each other ever since the former mob boss was released from prison in October 2017. She briefly dated Dr. Finn and he has been in a relationship for a while with Kim. Now that Mr. Jerome has broken things off with Dr.

Nero, Alexis is frightened because she no longer has a reason to fight her feelings for her former spouse.

Romance is in the air for Julian and Alexis

Soap Hub indicates that romance will soon abound in Port Charles and several couples already seem poised to act on their feelings. Willow is torn between Michael and Chase, who has not yet acknowledged he also cares for Lulu. Valentin and Nina have just reunited and sparks Kristina. Mike and Yvonne are growing closer, while Stella has unresolved emotions for Marcus. The one couple on "General Hospital" however, who seems at the point of spontaneous combustion is Julian and his ex-wife Alexis.

Celeb Dirty Laundry acknowledges that "General Hospital" viewers are divided on the subject with many voicing they don't believe Julian deserves another chance.

Die Hard Julexis fans, however, have been waiting for 15 months to see the intense chemistry that between Alexis and her former spouse lead them to steamy love scenes once more, where they cannot keep their hands off of each other.

Alexis wants to fight her feelings for Julian

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Alexis was putting her feelings aside as long as Julian was dating Kim, but now has nothing to stop her from giving in to passion.

The same can be said for her ex who has also been trying to put his feelings on the back burner, Dr. Nero was a good distraction but spoilers believe now Julexis are free to give in to the feelings they both have been trying to ignore.

Julain and Alexis have come a long way and become good friends who lean on each other in times of trouble.

CDL suggests it's only a matter of time before they hook up again. Things are about to become interesting in Port Charles with love in the air so stay tuned. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to keep up with what happens with Julexis. Make sure you don't miss any episodes of "General Hospital"