"90 Day Fiance's" Ashley Martson just confused her fans with a cryptic photo caption. Rumors about Ashley and Jay Smith splitting up came out of things they both did on Instagram in the past few days. Now fans are wondering if this is all a part of the drama build-up for the show. After posting a story saying "You can only fake that everything is ok for so long. Then you just hit that point..," another one came from Ashley saying they won't be doing any cameos. Top that off with the fact both of them took down photos of each off their Instagram accounts, and what have you got?

Manufactured drama, or proof they broke up and remove the pics as the episodes air?

Ashley Martson's pic of them kissing confuses fans

Sunday night, Ashley confused fans by posting up another photo of them. They kissed and all looked hunky happy dory. In fact, some fans thought the photo put paid to the rumors of a split. But some sharp-eyed fans noticed something about the photo that could be yet another cryptic message saying things never worked out. On the other hand, some comments on the Instagram of the "90 Day Fiance" star indicate maybe they're not keeping current with the show before commenting.

Here's what fans had to say about them being happy that all is well and the split really is just a rumor:

  • @chelsey.spates: "So you're not split up? Beautiful dress!!"
  • @lemon_lime_honey: "Omg everyone said you broke up! Glad that wasnt true! [sic]"
  • @gigitaahh: "So y’all still together or naw. Cause I want yall to be."

There were many other similar mentions.

Of course, most people watched the episodes and then got confused by the possible split in the last few days.

Cryptic photo caption about Jay Smith

It seems the eagle-eyes fans were quick to read the entire caption of the photo of them getting married. Those who didn't get it were reminded to always check the hashtags. Ashley captioned it with, "A special thanks to @misshayleypaige for my stunning gown ❤️ #90dayfiance#tlc #weddingdress." But, she also added another hashtag and this was the cryptic part of the story.

The addition hashtag was "#wishiwasstillthishappy."

It seems that these cryptic messages may be her way of saying they split but can't say until the show series is done and dusted. However, some followers of "90 Day Fiance" believe they may be just kicking up the drama for the ratings. Here are some questions and comments about the confusion of it all and the reason why she suddenly posted up the photo:

  • @ndfoster7: "this was filmed months ago and they’ve been out doing Christmas stuff until a few days ago or whatever. Totally for the show! TLC had some talks with them or something."
  • @97love: "Her hashtag #wishiwasstillthishappy I concur - mistake or drama?
  • @tanyaking70: "Wish you were still this happy? What happened?"

Other followers just said they were totally confused.

Yet others noted that all comments were now off except for the one of them kissing. Obviously, the photo was posted for the episode that showed Ashley looking particularly sad in the limousine, despite just being married.

Is the '90 Day' couple manufacturing drama?

The answer as to whether they are still together in our current time or not is not known. Recall the show airs after the shoot so it's not shown in real time. Rumors of the split are all taken from things they said and did recently. Whether they did it to rank up the ratings through drama, or if Ashey's trying to send cryptic messages to her fans can't be explained for certain. They are, after all, under some contract with TLC.

What do you think of the way Ashley Martson's confusing her fans with cryptic photos and hashtags?

How come a few days ago they took down photos of each other? What about the Insta story about "faking" that everything's ok?

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