Welcome to “Midnight, Texas.” Where supernatural beings can find their place and life only gets crazier. Every episode is full of twists and surprises. The series began as a summer show before scoring a Season 2 renewal and a move to the fall season. The NBC drama is based on the book “Midnight, Texas” by Charlaine Harris.

Harris is the author of "The Southern Vampire Mysteries," which was the basis for the vampire series "True Blood" and the "Aurora Teagarden" series, which can be found adapted into the film series on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.

"Midnight, Texas" follows a town where everyone will do whatever it takes to protect their supernatural secrets and keep their town safe from dark forces. I also want to share spoilers from the pilot episode.

Season 2 ups the drama, action, and crazy occurrences as the Midnighters deal with the arrival of Kai who has a talent for curing supernaturals and making them human again.

Manfred investigates Kai's secret

The November 30 episode of "Midnight, Texas" revealed more of Kai's agenda in Midnight, when Manfred discovered Kai is using the monster energy he takes from supernatural beings and storing it in vials. Elsewhere in the episode, Lem (Peter Mensah) shocked everyone with his decision to have Kai (Nestor Carbonell) remove his vampire nature, thus becoming human again, but no one was as shocked as Olivia.

I feel it is also important to share the Episode 2 trailer for "Midnight."

This made the team down another supernatural powered person, as the Rev (Yul Vazquez) left previously after removing his weretiger nature. Season 2 has steadily lost Midnight residents since the first episode of the season when Creek (Sarah Ramos) decided she couldn't handle any more demonic occurrences or near murders by someone she loved so left town.

The most recent departure is Madonna (Kellee Stewart), who left a sign on the doors of her restaurant saying she's sorry after it was finally revealed she was hired to spy on Olivia.

The episode also continued Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) on the path to Dark Magic after she met another witch who told her the only chance she has to be with Bobo (Dylan Bruce) is to use Dark Magic while trying to not lose herself.

The synopsis released for next Friday's episode (December 7), "No More Mr. Nice Kai," sees the situation in Midnight intensify as Manfred continues with his investigation into Kai while Fiji fully dives into using Dark Magic to save her relationship. Elsewhere in the episode, what is described as an unknown source threatens everything Midnighters know and their secrets could be revealed.

A tragedy set to hit Midnight

The biggest twists are shown in the photos released by NBC. The photos show Lem and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) in a dark room searching with a flashlight for an unknown source, a stunned seeming Patience and Manfred, Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) letting his demon out and attacking the hotel only to be stopped by Joe who attempts to calm him down.

The promo reveals more surprises from Manfred (Francois Arnaud) confronting Kai to a surprise return from Creek while he's with Patience. The promo also teases Manfred leading the charge into the hotel with Joe, Olivia, and Lem behind him, the Midnighters meeting outside in the dark, and tops it off with the voice-over: “the fight for their town leads to the biggest shock yet."

A tragedy strikes in Midnight on the December 14 episode entitled "Resting Witch Face." The synopsis reveals that Manfred is on the path of revenge after a tragedy, Joe (Jason Lewis) goes against a former ally in order to save Chuy, Fiji spends a night out, and Patience has a decision to make when she receives an ultimatum from Kai.

Photos released reveal Manfred confronting Kai, a solemn group of Midnighters, Fiji sporting a new look assumed to be under the influence of Dark Magic, and Kai attacking Manfred while Patience tries to stop him. Then, on December 21, the episode, “Patience is a Virtue,” finds a surprising team-up between Kai and Manfred while Olivia and Bobo work together to bring Fiji back from the hold of Dark Magic and a surprise visitor shows up to see Joe.