Sony Pictures Entertainment signed a massive picture deal which will have several of their upcoming films being shown in the 4D format across the globe. Sony made the deal with Korean exhibition innovator CJ 4DPLEX. The Hollywood Reporter announced that the deal starts with the release of the upcoming "Escape Room" followed by 12 more films Sony will release in 2019, including "Spider-Man: Far From Home," "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2," and the untitled "Men in Black" spinoff.

CJ 4DPLEX's tech launched in 2009 and enhances the moviegoer's experience of a film with more than 21 different sensory effects, including seats that move and vibrate to the action on the screen.

Moviegoers will also be blasted with scents, wind, water, snow and much more. Sony Pictures Entertainment executive Scott Sherr released a statement saying that experiencing a film in the 4DX format brings a whole new experience to the moviegoers.

The 4DX experience is expanding across the world

The 4DX technology has been installed in 583 theaters in over 60 countries around the world. Moviegoers have begun embracing the technology. Sony Pictures has reported that the 4DX network of films has hit $250 million at the box office this year, beating 2017's total of $245 million.

Slash Film said that CJ 4DPLEX CEO, Jong Ryul Kim said that this multi-picture deal helps ensure their theaters will have an exceptional slate of films in 2019.

These 4DX theaters will optimize the effects to make these upcoming films an event any moviegoer can't miss.

4DX might not be the best option for Sony to invest their money in

Sony has said that their lineup of Movies lends themselves to the immersive experience, but that's hard to believe when it comes to films like "Miss Bala." Some other films might be worth paying the high admission price to experience the 4DX format such as films like "Escape Room" and "Grudge." Theaters have been trying to find out why fewer people are coming into their theaters.

Sony believes this is a step towards getting people excited about watching films in theaters, instead of their couches.

As the entertainment options increase, it's become an uphill battle. The 4DX screening is more expensive than a regular movie ticket. You end up paying for an experience that some moviegoers compare to a carnival ride.

It's good to see that Sony is looking forward and trying to stay relevant. This just might not be the way to go. The best way to see a movie is to experience in the full-size IMAX immersion. Sony should consider making a deal with IMAX to allow their filmmakers to use IMAX cameras instead.