Nancy Wilson died December 13 and this led to huge confusion on Twitter over the Heart musician. AP posted up that Nancy Wilson died but some people thought they were talking about Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson of the rock band Heart. Actually, the person who died was Jazz singer Nancy Sue Wilson who was 81 years old.

Nancy Wilson confusion despite age differences

Those people who thought it was the Heart singer nearly had heart attacks. Some people pointed out that it was not the Heart singer, yet people kept on posting their condolences and commenting how sad they were.

This, despite the age difference between the two. Nancy Wilson of Heart is 64-years-old and not 81. If it were not such a loss to jazz music, it would almost be funny, but we can't laugh at people who hear sad news. Genuine love and loss came through, though they may later on get the glad news their favorite muso didn't die after all.

Some very persistent and patient tweeters kept on trying to put things straight and eventually posted up a photo of the real Nancy Wilson who passed away. Patiently, they explained that the Wilson who died was a black woman and not a rock band white singer. Suffice it to say plenty of tributes and RIP's ended up for both of them. Nevertheless, Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson may be surprised to hear that she's "passed away."

Heart's Nancy Wilson is alive

To reiterate for those people still confused: Nancy of Heart is alive and is not dead and never died.

Here are some comments confirming this on Twitter:

  • @cowboyally: "Guys, would you consider Nancy Wilson from Heart an 81-yr-old jazz singer? Think, people, think!"
  • Replying to AP - @AZVotes: " NOT the lead singer of Heart Nancy Wilson."

Mistaken identity of the singer on Twitter

Some people even tweeted their condolences to Anne Wilson, the sister of Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson.

Others couldn't get over that the rock band artist was so old. (That's because she isn't). Yet others were upset by the mixup, saying that Heart fans nearly had a "heart attack." At least one person was surprised that Heart was actually a jazz band.

What do you think about the confusion and the fact that so many people are now mourning someone who never died?

USA Today also reported the story and confirmed that "Wilson covered everything from jazz standards to "Little Green Apples" and in the 1960s alone released eight albums that reached the top 20 on Billboard's pop charts." Seeing the Heart musician was only born in 1954, we can safely say Heart fans can relax. Perhaps AP should have posted up a photo and clarified things straightaway. Stay in touch with news about celebs by following the Blasting Pop Celebrities Channel.