Mac Miller, the popular rapper, was found dead on Friday. His family released a statement that said, “Malcolm McCormick, known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26. He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends, and fans.” According to his Twitter account, on September 6, the day before his death, he was excited about his upcoming tour in October. But some fans were angry at people joking about his death.

Mac Miller battled with substance abuse

Variety noted that the rapper battled with abusing substances and faced DUI charges.

He was troubled, and some of his songs and albums expressed the darker side of his life. After he was found at his San Fernando Valley home, emergency responders could not revive him and he was declared dead. TMZ reported that the death was apparently suspected to be related to a drug overdose.

Rapper tweets about tour day before death

On Twitter, the sadness of the death becomes apparent when you read his latest posts. He encouraged people to go and buy their tickets as every night was going to be "special." He added that he was very excited about it and wished it was already happening. However, many of the comments about this post were made into a joke which angered some of his fans.

Sadly the tour will never happen for either him or his fans.

Twitter reacted, but not always how one would expect

Over on Twitter, there was some were some odd reactions. People started to joke about his death as so many millennials do these days, to cope with bad things. But others were angered by it for a lack of respect. Several made mention that they wanted a refund for the canceled tour and others joked about selling tickets really cheap.

RikKanye West, whose Twitter profile says they upset people, upset a few, by saying that they were "going to see Nas, at least he knows how to live past 30."

Other people did remember him in a nicer way though and @derbalieth posted, "Fell in love with your music at a very dark time of my life, I will forever hold your music close to my heart.

Thank you."

Another person was angry at those who didn't take care to be nice about his death. Thinking of family, they wrote, "Why would anybody refund their ticket(s)? Support his family and friends in a time of need. He’s not the only one that makes money while he tours.... He was so generous when he was alive and it’s a shame some of y’all can be so greedy at a time like this."

The rapper dead from suspected overdose used to date Ariana Grande

Mac Miller's latest album, "Swimming" was acclaimed as his best since his first studio release in 2011.

He brought out some well-received mix-tapes as well. He also dated Ariana Grande for a couple of years, breaking up with her earlier this year. Fans are thinking of her, as evidenced by this tweet: "Omg that last part of "we'll be in touch" just breaks my heart They were my favorite celeb couple @ArianaGrande Hope you're okay."