"Counting On" fans know that Derick Dillard often gets trolled on social media, so it makes a change to see him getting nice comments from fans over on Instagram. He took to the site to post about finals being over for the year, so now it's time to do some Christmas shopping and spend time with the family.

'Counting On' family often gets jabbed

Derick left TLC's "Counting On" but followers of the show still stay in touch through their social media posts. Jill often posts pictures of the kids and also puts up recipes. The way some of the trolls carry on, it's easy to imagine that everyone hates Derick and Jill, most especially for his homophobic remarks that he made about Jazz Jennings.

Actually, he even gets jabbed at because his of his brother-in-law, Josh Duggar's assaults on his sisters. Quite how he gets blamed for that is not clear.

However, this time, he got mostly loving and nice comments about his photo and about his caption. He wrote, "Finals are over, I’m free, and it’s officially time to get some Christmas shopping done at the mall! #Christmas #freedom #shopping #isawsantaatthemalltoday." The photo showed him looking young and fresh with the biggest smile on his face. Studying is heavy going and time-consuming and other students knew exactly how he felt.

Congrats, nice comments for Derick Dillard

While a few trolls started to chip in and say horrid things, the fans of "Counting On" kept them at bay, so most of the good comments came through.

Here's what some of them had to say to Derick:

  • @jaymaychow: "That's about how big my smile was over once I finished my last final for the quarter. Enjoy your break!"
  • @katiebcosmetics: "Congrats!!! I remember the first year!!!! These years will go by so fast and you will not regret the abundance of knowledge. The ability to serve others as an attorney is such a special gift. Keep on keeping on!"
  • @dibaby1970: "I remember end of semester days. It always felt so weird to not have studying or school work to be doing, the spare time felt so foreign. I had a 1 and 4 year old when I was in college, so my free time, like yours, was never truly free time. Also, like you, I wouldn't change it for the world."

Finals over, it's time to shop for Christmas

Finals are over so yes, it's a nice time of the year to go shopping.

Derick Dillard knows what it is to study hard. He graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics in 2011. Now, he's studying law at the University of Arkansas. Time studying and time with the family must be difficult to juggle. No wonder now that's over for a while, he's looking forward to Christmas shopping and time with the kids.

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