"General Hospital" spoilers relate that the tangled web of emotions related to Mike Corbin's dementia diagnosis may soon become more complicated. Sonny's dad is entering the final stages of the disease and no longer recognizes his family members. He is, however, finding comfort with Yvonne who is a resident of the facility where he spends his days. The two have been enjoying each other's company much to the outrage of Yvonne's husband Marcus. Stella is caught in the middle as she is Mike's social worker and also the ex-fiancee of Marcus. As Alzheimer's disease takes its toll, Stella and Marcus may find solace in one another.

Mike Corbin may have seen his last Christmas

Soap Opera Spy suggests that this may have been the last Christmas the Corinthos family will get to spend with Mike Corbin because his mental health is rapidly declining. The spoiler alludes that this does not necessarily mean Sonny's father will die within the next year, but that his memory will assuredly continue to decrease. For whatever reason, his new friendship with Yvonne is thriving and he continues to refer to her as his best girl. She also has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease but the duo continues to cling to each other as they forget the ones they used to love.

Spoilers from Soap Dirt reveal that the baby switch and serial killer storylines will be front and center on "General Hospital" for the new year, so Mike and Yvonne could get pushed to the back burner.

Even so, at some point, the Alzheimer's story must be concluded and it will be heartbreaking for all who are involved. This is especially true for Marcus, who has been lashing out against Sonny's dad because he cannot accept what is taking place with his wife.

Mike and Yvonne may cause Marcus to turn to Stella

There is an ironic twist to all of this; Stella, through helping Mike, could be reunited with the man she refused to marry.

At some point, Marcus must accept that his wife no longer recognizes him and must decide to let her go. He will most likely turn to his former fiance once Yvonne slips away. "General Hospital" may decide to have Mike and Yvonne comfort each other as the Alzheimer's progresses, and Stella and Marcus might just do the same.

If time is running out, and this is Mike Corbin's final Christmas, it will be one his family and friends are sure to remember. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this very emotional storyline and keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.