Spoilers alerts for "The Young and the Restless" are once again reporting that Adam Newman is alive. This time there is a twist as Worldwide Voice of the Fans suggests that J.T. will also return from the grave and the two will work together to take down Victor.

Now that Mal Young has been fired, it's possible the new head writer may indeed bring these villains back from the dead. Fans have been saying for two years that they want Adam to return to Genoa City and in recent months rumors of J.T. being alive has been going around.

To have these two men collaborate in order to take down Victor would be interesting to watch.

An Adam return would add to the Newman drama

Y&R" spoiler alerts from Soap Hub indicate that focus in coming episodes will surround Nikki Newman who was kidnapped from the hospital on Thursday by Victor and Nate. Celeb Dirty Laundry is emphasizing Cain's breakdown on New Year's Eve when he will get drunk. Neither mention anything about Adam returning or if J.T. is really alive. If Adam indeed returns, life would really be complicated for the Newman family.

Adam Newman coming back from the dead, however, would open up more questions than give answers. The timing would be suspect considering that Chelsea has left town with his son Conner. If he were still living, he would surely have been keeping tabs on his wife and son and have found a way to be with them.

Should Victor's namesake return, he may come back to Genoa City with his wife and child in tow. Fans, however, may not believe this "Y&R" spoiler because the rumor has been baseless for going into 3 years now.

J.T.'s return will bring much need closure on 'Y&R'

"Y&R" viewers desperately want closure to the storyline surrounding J.T.'s alleged murder.

Should Mr. Helstrom return to Genoa City alive and well, this would prevent the cover-up crew from being prosecuted for killing him. Fans want Nikki Sharon, Victoria and Phyllis to move forward. Having J.T. working with Adam sounds intriguing but also seems a little far-fetched. Viewers are also wary of the constant reports of Adam's return which have not yet panned out.

Be sure to continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to watch this situation play out. Also, be on the lookout for updates spoiler alerts to find out if Worldwide Voice of the Fans is accurate regarding a collaboration between Adam and J.T. which will have them trying to take down Victor.