Liesl Obrecht was recently apprehended by Anna and Finn on "General Hospital" and it looked like she would spend time in prison. Instead, she blackmailed Valentin who convinced Peter to drop all charges against her. On Wednesday, she paid a visit to Nelle who is in prison and made her tell the truth about the baby switch. Now Obrecht has additional leverage and may soon have everything going her way. For once, Nelle is the one at a disadvantage and has no choice but to wait and see if Liesl will keep her secret. Viewers realize it is only a matter of time before Liesl plays her hand and exposes the cruel trick Nelle played in order to get even with Carly and Michael.

Obrecht gains the upper hand in Port Charles

On Tuesday, Obrecht found out that Michael's baby was believed to be stillborn and paid Nelle a visit on Wednesday. Liesel smiled with glee as she basically forced the truth out of Michael's baby mama. She promised to keep the secret until such a time would arise where she would need to use it. The doctor secured her freedom by figuring out that Sasha is not Nina's biological child and now she knows that Wiley is not the baby that Brad and Lucas originally adopted.

Nelle pleaded with Obrecht to understand the importance of Wiley remaining with Brad and Lucas and does not understand that her fate is sealed. In the meantime, she also knows that Valentin stole DNA from Madeline's dead body in order to pass Sasha off as Nina's long-lost daughter.

There is no telling who Liesl will blackmail next in Port Charles in order to further her own interests.

Obrecht and Nelle will be exposed

It looks as if Obrecht has the upper hand because she is free to spend time with her grandson James and not have to pay for her crimes against Peter August. She will hold these secrets over Nelle and Valentin for as long as she believes it is in her own best interest.

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt spoilers, however, indicate that a day of reckoning may be in the future. Michael and Willow are getting closer each day to figuring out the truth about Jonah and Wiley.

As the tale unravels and more clues lead to what actually happened, both Obrecht and her accomplice may be exposed. Their roles in the baby switch may cause the women to become cellmates at Pentonville. All of Liesl's scheming could be for naught. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update this storyline and be sure to watch "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.