It is almost time for Colton Underwood's season of "The Bachelor." Along with this comes spoilers straight from Reality Steve. He was able to find out everything that happens on the first episode of this season. Steve went to his Twitter today to share all of the spoilers.

What will happen on night one?

Of course, this night will start with all of the girls showing up in limos to meet Colton Underwood. There are 30 different girls that come out of limos. It used to be 25, but lately, they seem to be bringing in more girls. These girls are Demi,Tayshia, Heather,Nicole, Caelynn ,Sydney, Elyse,Tahzjuan, Cassie, Kirpa,Caitlin,Courtney, Katie, Alex D., Onyeka, Erika, Hannah B., Tracy, Angelique, Devin, Revian, Nina, Alex B., Bri, Laura, Hannah G., Annie, Jane, Catherine and Erin.

Viewers will get to see introduction videos of Cassie, Hannah B., Katie, Heather, Onyeka, Nicole, Kirpa, and Demi. This means that viewers get to know a bit more about these girls than the others. They don't do these for all the girls because that would just take too much time. Maybe some of these girls will end up on Bachelor in Paradise if they don't win Colton's heart.

Demi is the first girl that pulls Colton aside to talk to him. Caelynn is the first one that steals a kiss from Colton. Catherine will steal him away several times to talk. For once, there are no crazy drunk girls on this season premiere.

One thing this season is that none of the alumni show up on night one to tell Colton Underwood all of their advice.

Ben Higgins will show up later in the season, though. Of course, Colton has to get advice from someone. The thing is Ben Higgins hasn't found love yet, so maybe he isn't the best guy to give advice on this subject.

What girls will you like?

Reality Steve can already tell a few of the girls that people are going to like on The Bachelor 2019.

Hannah G. is going to be a fan favorite according to him. She will also be the girl a lot of Bachelor Nation wants to date if she doesn't win over Colton Underwood. He also thinks that Caelynn is someone that a lot of fans will like. Demi is going to cause a few issues. There always have to be girls there to cause drama. Cassie will win over everyone showing Colton sign language.

Don't miss watching "The Bachelor" with Colton Underwood when it starts airing on January 7, 2019. New episodes will air on ABC each Monday night. It looks like this is going to be a great season as Colton Underwood tries to find the love of his life.